A dozen reasons to love Valentine’s Day : Thank you Interflora



This post features Interflora, who very generously sent me a dozen absolutely beautiful red roses as an early Valentine’s Day present.  It got me thinking about Valentine’s Day memories.



I was lucky enough to receive a dozen truly gorgeous long stemmed red roses as a gift from Interflora, which has inspired me to think about Valentine’s Day and why I luff it so.

The Welshman and I had our first “official” date on Valentine’s Day.  I had offered to take him to a movie to thank him for looking after me the previous weekend when I became uncharacteristically drunk as a skunk.  (I have never drunk red wine before or since).  The movie plan morphed to include lunch at a waterfront restaurant and an evening viewing of Saving Private Ryan.  Still the most romantic movie.  Ever.  It is!

I debated for hours with my poor girlfriends the merits of this lunch and movie and whether it was actually a date or two friends spending the day together or him feeling sorry for me.  To make matters worse, we realised it was actually Valentine’s Day.  Awkward.

If the sweetest ever first kiss hadn’t ended our impromptu Friday night rugby, pizza and beer get together, I certainly wouldn’t have been in any doubt about Sunday being a “date” when the most divine red roses arrived the next day.  Nothing says “IT IS A DATE!” quite like the classic dozen long stemmed roses.  All together now – “awwww”.



I bought a new dress for the event, which prompted Into Temptation by Crowded House being our song.

“You opened up your door
I couldn’t believe my luck
You in your new blue dress
Taking away my breath …”

This is why I really, really wanted to wear a blue dress for our wedding – I gave into tradition, instead of temptation, in the end.

The Welshman bought a new blue shirt, which is now kept in my memory box.  He wore that shirt on the day Boyo was born and turned us from a couple into a family.

Those were some lovely Valentine’s Day memories.  Just to keep it real, let me share a Valentine’s Day story of a present I once received, from a long forgotten ex-boyfriend.  Sadly, tacky underwear.  Even more sadly, the knickers were too big and the bra was too small.  I took this to read that he thought I had a big bum and no tits.  A dozen red roses would have been a much better idea, don’t you think?



If you’re stuck for Valentine’s Day ideas, might I be so bold as to suggest that you can’t possibly go wrong with checking out what Interflora can send to your love.  Click here to see their special Valentine’s Day Flowers.


Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy:

In the interests of Keeping It Real, I received a Valentine’s Day delivery valued at $125.50 from Interflora in exchange for this post.  No payment was offered nor received.  You can click here to read the Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy.



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    […] Welshman and I were scheduled to have our official first date on Valentine’s Day, way back in 1999, but we took the pressure off by hanging out on Friday […]ReplyCancel

  • A-M - 11 February 2013 - 1.12 pm

    A beautiful post. Good for you, receiving such a beautiful gift from Interflora. Such lovely memories. A-M xxReplyCancel

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