A fashion moment to treasure

I recently spent a few days with my BFF, the woman who taught me how to fake my first ID, and who has had my back since the time I forgot to do up my bodysuit, and it was dangling outside my red paper bag jeans.   In a nightclub.  Alcohol may have been involved.  Hey, it was the 90s!  We became Women of the 90s together, and both stood up as Maid of Honour at our weddings.


We hadn’t managed to spend much time together in the intervening years – a little matter of world travel, babies, mortgages, marriages, living in different countries and then different states.

However, I could not let the occasion of her 40th birthday (even though she looks about 32, if that!) pass us by.  I flew down to Melbourne to spend a few days with her lovely family, and indulge in a couple of our favourite pastimes – cafes, shopping, girly night out and talking, talking, talking!

The fashion moment that I will treasure forever is the few hours we managed to snatch (thanks so much, Granny, for the babysitting!) to hit the shops!  We laughed, we shopped, we reminisced, we ate, we shopped a bit more …  fabulous!

My BFF has a three month old baby and needed an outfit to wear for a girly night out.  It had been a while since she’d had an opportunity to dress up and hit the tiles!  I was delighted to help out!   We looked and looked and looked.  She patiently tried on dress after dress, belt after belt, and didn’t even let me see her rolling her eyes once!

Finally, we walked out of the shops with a gorgeous 50s esque blush nude lined lace flippy frock from Jacqui E, worn with gorgeous blush nude (very uncomfortable as it turned out!) Wittner heels, a navy woven belt and the most divinely blinged up clutch from Forever New, plus a brand new Simone Perele bra.

I provided entertainment by doing a 5 minute accessory dash, throwing a faux fur over one shoulder, as I simultaneously wore a pillbox and cloche hat, whilst searching for an evening bag!  Most of the Forever New clientele were young enough to be our offspring, if we hadn’t waited until our 30s to procreate.  They thought we (OK, me!) were bonkers!

I will treasure this fashion moment forever.  What more could you ask for?  Hanging out with my BFF, helping her look even more gorgeous, laughter and love.  That’s O for Awesome, Lana!

Oh, and the other little fashion moment I will treasure?  The lovely girl in one of the changing rooms who asked me for my card as she thought I was a stylist!

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