A Day in Pictures : Bloggers Brunch 2012


My awesome Gorman shoes and ASOS floral jeans


I recently had a fabulous weekend.  So fabulous in fact that it started on Friday and finished on Monday.  Now that’s a weekend!  Firstly, I attended Bloggers Brunch 2012, put on by Kids Business, and then I had a night in by myself, followed by three days in Byron with the Gorgeous Girls, whilst the Welshman took Boyo camping.  Here’s the Friday in pictures.



I had a fabulous time at my inaugural Bloggers Brunch, where I met some amazing brands and relished the opportunity to catch up with some amazing bloggers.  What a top start to my gorgeous weekend.


Catherine from Cup of Tea and a Blog, Kimba, Jodi from Mummyhood 101 and Dea from Mama Stylista at Bloggers Brunch 2012



Dea from Mama Stylista and me



Catherine from Cup of Tea and a Blog, rocking Frockvever, and moi



Campsite of Kings



Fish and chips for one and chick flicks is an awesome night in!



Thanks very much, Kambrook, for the awesome gift!


What stories do your pictures tell?


My Little Drummer Boys




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