Accessory Storage Ideas

I adore accessories in all their sparkly, pretty, stylish, whimsical goodness.  I have everything from vintage cocktail hats to chunky cuffs to wooden beads to delicate diamond earrings in my accessory collection.  You know one of the best things about accessories?  Even on a fat day, they fit!

But accessory storage is an issue. How do you keep all those precious pretties safe and untangled?  Not to mention stored in a manner that makes them easy to access so you can accessorise and adorn yourself?

Here are a couple of storage ideas that work for me that you might find helpful too.

DIY Hair Accessory Storage

Here’s a fab idea to keep your favourite hair accessories handy.  I have mine on a shelf in my bathroom.  So easy to make!  Click here for the instructions.

This a slightly smaller version, that I use for keeping favourite pieces on, or for designing an accessory look to go with an outfit.  Click here for instructions.

If you’ve ever had headband storage issues, might I suggest this clever little solution?  Just use a little basket or a bowl or even a wide vase, and pop the headbands over the edge.  This little basket once held our little decorated bubble bottles for our wedding, and now is a fab way to keep my headbands safe and easy to find.

In my teeny tiny walk in wardrobe, I store my scarves in a Marc Jacobs perfume tote.  I just don’t have the room to have them hanging up unfortunately, but this works well for me.  I keep smaller silk scarves that I wear as headscarves in a little wicker basket on a wardrobe shelf.

On the side of my wardrobe, I’ve hung belt and tie hangers on hooks, and use these to hang my long beads and chains.  Similar are available from places like Howards Storage World and discount department stores like Kmart, Target et al.

It’s a good way of utilising some vacant space.  On another wall, I have hung some favourite bags, and my collection of 50s vintage chain handled raffia bags, which just make me happy!

I bought this very grown up bag more than a decade ago, when I was undergoing a career change (recruitment – I hated it) and whilst I love its vintage styling and the bamboo handles, it is both heavy and impractical.  However, it doubles beautifully as storage for my chunky bangles and cuffs and some of my more architectural Mimco pieces.

You can get fabulously pretty hatboxes from all sorts of shops now – from bargain clearance stores to quite posh homewares boutiques.  I keep my belts and gloves in them.  I even keep some of my hats in them!  I’ve stacked these in a corner with a pair of swish shoes on top.  I can barely walk in them, but I do love them so.  I bought them on a very special occasion and although they’re crippling, they make great art, don’t you think?

I spent a whole $9.95 on this fabulous white metal jewellery stand from Diva last year.  It has space for earrings and hooks for bracelets and short necklaces.  The curlicues on the top of the stand have also been pressed into service.

The stand is sitting on the gorgeous doll’s chest of drawers that my Great Granddad made for me when I was a baby, along with the letter K that I’m using to hold some bangles.  More bits and pieces are stored in the drawers.

Samantha Wills makes some lovely jewellery, which are beautifully presented in little carved wooden boxes.  I stack mine of top of each other and keep cocktail rings and more delicate pieces in them.

These are some of my accessory storage ideas.  I’d love to know how you store your accessories!

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