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Kimba Likes amazing Grace web series - back it now on Pozibleamazing Grace

Have you checked out the Pozible campaign for amazing Grace?  It’s a comedy web series for kids, based on the life of Grace, and what would Dad do. Read more about it here

Within 12 hours, the goal had been reached. Talk about amazing! That means Episode 1 will be completed and Episode 2, written by Debra Oswald, creator of Offspring, will be shot.

More episodes can be brought to life, with every further donation. Keeping the legacy of Jeff Truman, all around awesome creative talent and Dad, alive and shining.

The Pozible campaign has been an amazing success so far.  Stretch goals had to be implemented within the first day!

Kimba Likes amazing Grace web series - back it now on Pozible

My friend Julie Money, mother of Grace, wife of Jeff and well known Australian director, recently shared her concept for Episode 3.  Let me set the scene.

Remember when you got the bus or tram for the very first time? All by yourself? You were probably a tween or young teenager, maybe going to school.

Boyo’s first solo bus trip was the stuff of legends.  So much so that Julie was inspired by his story, as well as Grace’s experiences, to create Episode 3 of amazing Grace.  All about the first time you have to take public transport by yourself.

Boyo’s story

As the only kid from his graduating Year 6 class to attend his high school, there was a little bit of extra pressure on his first day.

One thing that we definitely weren’t worried about was getting the bus home from school.  After all, they had assigned teachers to make sure each kid got on the right bus.

Before school started, we double checked the bus number and asking him what his bus number was at random times, but had absolutely no concerns about him getting on the right bus.

You know where this is going right? On his first day of school, as I was biting my nails at home waiting for him to walk through the front door, I got a text message from Boyo, informing me that he got on the wrong bus.  With the added bonus that the bus driver had told him the route had ended, and to get off the bus.  Boyo was currently standing on the side of a Very Busy Road, even further away from home than where he’d got on the bus!

I tried to text him instructions on how to get on another bus, but that was just all a bit much. He was quite determined that he would get home under his own steam, so decided that he would walk home. Let’s put this into perspective –  it took me 20 minutes to drive there to collect him.  He had a massive backpack and new shoes on in the heat of a February afternoon in Sydney.  The kid’s got determination!

The kid also got the biggest 7-11 Slurpee it was possible to buy, and a Very Big Hug to match the Very Big Road he was stranded on.

Kimba Likes amazing Grace web series - back it now on Pozible

amazing Grace on Pozible

The amazing Grace web series has 14 days to go.  They’ve now hit the amazing total of $20,000 in pledges. What an amazing effort by an amazing team, helped by amazing supporters!

click here to visit amazing Grace web series Pozible campaign

It’s not too late to be amazing and support this amazing project too!

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