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Are you one of the lucky ones whose Mother’s Group experience was fabulous? Still firm friends now that your kids are in high school? Lucky you!

My Mother’s Group experience wasn’t quite the same.  There was the mother who practised control crying – when we were still meeting at the Mother & Baby clinic with our newborns.  The Defence wives whom we lost contact with as they were transferred all over the country.  The mother who scolded me for showing off when my baby hit milestones earlier than her baby.

Kimba Likes amazing Grace - a fabulous comedy web series for kids

There was one shining light though – meeting Jeff and Julie, and their little amazing Grace. Jeff was the only dad who rocked up to Mother’s Group.  A decade later, he accompanied his gorgeous girls to a Taylor Swift concert.  Not particularly a fan – he just wanted to watch Grace watching the show.  That’s how he rolls.

Over the years, we have laughed and loved and celebrated with this gorgeous family.  We have cried and mourned too.  Recently, the very worst thing happened, and Jeff lost his life.  The world lost a shiny shiny star.

Jeff was a professional storyteller, writer, actor and beloved husband and Dad.  Julie is a director, and Grace is a superstar.  Musical, singing, songwriting, acting, super smart school kid … I’m rather the fan!

Kimba Likes amazing Grace - a fabulous comedy web series for kids

To keep Jeff’s legacy alive, Julie and Grace created “amazing Grace”, a comedy web series for kids.  It’s all about growing up, facing the challenges of being a tween and teen, whilst Grace asks herself “what would Dad do?”.

Completely relatable to kids, and their parents, the amazing Grace web series opens up lines of communication, gives kids the opportunity to think, and voices their concerns as they grow up.  Boyo and I have had a sneak peek, and we are both uber impressed.

click here to view the Pozible campaign for amazing Grace

To bring the amazing Grace web series to life, Julie launched a Pozible campaign.  It was fully funded within 12 hours, and two days later, they’re very close to being able to fund two episodes.  Episode 2 has already been scripted by famous “Offspring” creator, Debra Oswald, a family friend. A cohort of talented friends are forming an orderly queue to contribute to further episodes.

The more money raised means that more amazing Grace web series episodes can be produced.

I would love you to click on over and check it out.  If you would like to donate, that would be almost as amazing as Grace herself.

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