anti-chafing shorts review | summer survival!

anti-chafing shorts review | summer survival!

Kimba Likes anti-chafing shorts review

Last week, I shared my favourite summer outfits.  This week, I’m talking to you about summer survival.  For me, that means natural breathable fabrics, makeup setting spray, hair products to calm the humidity frizz and anti-chafing shorts.

Let’s face it, anti-chafing shorts aren’t considered to be very sexy.  But you know what is less sexy than anti-chafing shorts? Thigh chafe!

I have tried various anti-chafing creams before and tricks like body powder and cream deodorants applied to the regions where chafing occurs.  For me, that is my thighs, and a sweat rash under my EnormoBoobs.

I find the creams are great to help control the potential sweat rash that can result from wearing bras with heavy elastic and silicon-embellished strapless bras in high humidity.  I recommend LaJoie Skin Calmmé (available online) and I’ve had great success with Neat 3B Action Cream too (available from every chemist).

But for my thighs, the absolute best thing is anti-chafing shorts.  It might seem counter intuitive to reduce heat and sweat affected conditions by wearing another layer, but anti-chafing shorts have been designed with a lot of smart technology!

I’ve been trialling some new ones, and wearing some old ones that have seen me through several summers already.  Read on for my anti-chafing shorts review!

Kimba Likes anti-chafing shorts review

Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts review

Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts come in three different styles – mid rise, high rise, ultra high rise – and three different colours.  Beige, Black and Caramel.

What Thigh Society says:

  • Moisture-wicking mesh panel along inner thighs keeps you cool & dry
  • Soft and breathable cottony-feeling fabric your skin will love
  • Incredible 4 way stretch that gently smooths your curves
  •  Invisible under clothing with no VPL
  • Seamless waist & leg bands comfortably stay in place without digging in – that means no muffin top or legs riding up
  • Small knit-in cotton crotch if you want to wear them as a panty 
  • No itchy label or front and back seams 
  • Meant to be worn day to night (also makes a great pajama bottom) and is for all seasons (extra layer of warmth in cooler weather AND extends the life of your hosiery) 
  • Won’t make you feel squished or suffocated (not shapewear) 

What Kimba Likes:

These were the first anti-chafing shorts I tried a few years ago, and they’re still going strong.  They don’t slip down, and I like that the cotton crutch means I can wear them sans knickers.  I wear size M/L and they’re a perfect fit on me.

Thigh Society are a Canadian company and their RRP is US$34 per pair.  That works at about $44 and change for both Canadian and Australian ladies.  But until 31 January, you can get four pairs and free shipping for US$99 with code EPIC.

best for everyday wear especially if you don’t want to wear knickers too

click to shop Thigh Society

Bridgets anti-chafing shorts review

Bridgets come in two sizes, which are engineered to fit size 10-14 and 16-24, and in Nude and Black.  Bridgets are super soft, have 3M moisture wicking, anti-chafing weave and are breathable.

What Bridgets says:

  • Bridgets are designed for women who want to wear the softest breathable fabric and experience sweat-wicking technology, allowing our Bridgets fans (that’s you!) an opportunity to feel dry, comfortable and fresh.
  • So, what’s our secret? Well, here you have it… years of experience with our knitting technicians and designers means we’ve woven our purposeful fabric in a way that targets many women’s thigh-rubbing concerns. The anti-chaffing effect comes down to the quality of the fabric and the fit; adding extra anti-wicking technology in the places that us women need it most.
  • Bridgets are a soft breathable blend of 93% Nylon 7% Spandex. The entire short is treated with 3M wicking technology, keeping your thighs, bum and tum dry on those hot summer days.
  • Kiss goodbye to your VPL (that’s Visible Panty Line) and say hello to a smoother finish with functional freshness.

What Kimba Likes:

Bridgets very kindly sent me two pairs of Bridgets and I’ve been loving them!  They have been keeping me fresh and chafe-free. I got the larger size but they’re a tad loose around my thigh.  I could definitely size down and still be comfortable.  They hold their shape well.  I have experienced a little bit of roll down at the waist, but I think that is due to them being slightly too big.  They’re well priced at $35.

best for everyday wear, especially on super hot and humid days

click to shop Bridgets

Taking Shape anti-chafing shorts review

Taking Shape offer two styles of anti-chafing shorts.  The Easy Breezy and the Integra, which is also available in Petite Plus.  Both styles are available in Black and Nude.

What Taking Shape says about Easy Breezy:

  • Cotton blended, they have a full smooth elastic waistband for a comfortable and supportive fit.
  • Wear yours over your briefs and under dresses and skirts.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • High rise (sits above the belly button).
  • Chafe-free.
  • Soft silky fabric that is breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Cold gentle machine wash, warm iron, dry cleanable.

What Taking Shape says about Integra:

  • The fluid lightweight fabric combined with the fitted design of the Integra Short is virtually undetectable under an outer layer!
  • Wear yours over your briefs and under dresses and skirts.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • High rise (sits above the belly button).
  • Moisture wicking technology.
  • Chafe-free.
  • Soft silky, breathable fabric.
  • Cold gentle machine wash, cool iron, do not dry clean

What Kimba Likes:

Taking Shape is a plus size store with generous sizing.  I always size down in their styles, but for the anti-chafing shorts, I sized down to XXS and the Easy Breezy style are still loose through the thighs.  The Easy Breezy is their basic style, and the Integra is more of a luxe style, and this is reflected in the pricing of $24.95 and $34.95 respectively.

I find the Easy Breezy doesn’t wick moisture away and the Integra does a brilliant job of this.  The Integra provides a better smoothing option on the tummy with the fitted high rise waistband, plus it does not budge.  Not a hint of roll down.

best for budget conscious solution with Easy Breezy.  The Integra is best for more humid weather and more fitted clothing.

click to shop Taking Shape

Bella Bodies Australia anti-chafing shorts review

Bella Bodies stock three styles of shorts – the Camyz High Waisting Shaping Shorts, the Firming Shorts Twin Pack and the Curve Control Sculpting Shorts.  They very kindly sent me the Curve Control Sculpting Shorts to trial.

What Bella Bodies says:

  • Extreme Comfort with Beautiful silky Shorts that are designed to ensure no rolls on waist.
  • Designed to gently smooth waistline while firming middle and lower tummy areas.
  • Seamless over the bottom  with a laser cut that does not cut into the lower thigh. 
  • Firm compression over lower tummy.

What Kimba Likes:

Strictly speaking, the Curve Control shorts are not marketed as anti-chafing shorts, but they do a very good job; with the added bonus of a slimmer looking figure without discomfort. I wear Voluptuous size and it is a comfy fit.

The RRP is $59.95 but there is currently up to 60% off Bella Bodies for a short time.  So run don’t walk!

best for looking fabulous in your slinky dress in comfort

bonus Bella Bodies bra review

Another anti-chafe solution has been ditching my moulded heavy duty bras and slipping into the comfort of an underwire free bra.  Bella Bodies very kindly sent me their Ruby Collection lace underwire free bra to trial.  It is super pretty and surprisingly gives shape and support even on my F/G EnormoBoobs.

There’s not quite enough support for me to wear it all day, but to be fair, I’m wearing an upsized back E cup.  I’ve popped it on under a sunfrock for quick trips out, but I get most value out of wearing the Bella Bodies lace underwire bra at home.  It gives me just enough support to take the weight off, and is beautifully breathable and light to wear on a super hot day.

click to shop Bella Bodies

Sonsee Woman anti-chafing shorts review

Sonsee Woman stock their shorts in Black and Nude and three styles.  Lace Trimmed, Long Leg and Short Leg.  For sizes 14 to 28.

What Sonsee Woman says:

  • Anti chafing
  • Prevent rubbing and discomfort, perfect for the hotter months.
  • 360˚ Seamless Stretch
  • Knitted in one single tube, our shorts are lightweight, seamless, durable and stretch in every direction.
  • Anti-roll waistband
  • A waistband that sits smoothly and comfortably while keeping your shorts in place.
  • Smooths, doesn’t shape
  • Allow more freedom than shapewear and smoothing on every body shape.
  • Made in Italy. Designed in Australia.

What Kimba Likes:

I purchased the Black Lace Trimmed style in size Gorgeous.  They’re comfy to wear and the lace is very pretty.  I personally found they rolled down a tad on my waist but their uber stretchy design enabled me to pull them up quite high which solved this issue. The RRP is $54.95.

best for larger sized women with a generous sizing range.  They work well under shorter dresses with the pretty cuff.

click to shop Sonsee Woman

wearing anti-chafing shorts

Kimba Likes anti-chafing shorts review

Anti-chafing shorts are perfect under shorter dresses.  If you flash anyone, they only see your shorts and not your knickers!

Kimba Likes anti-chafing shorts review

You can wear anti-chafing shorts under longer skirts and dresses too.

Kimba Likes anti-chafing shorts review

Yes, I even wear my anti-chafing shorts under pants! A drop crotch style of trouser is just the same as wearing a skirt when it comes to your upper thighs; the key spot for chafing.

Did you find my anti-chafing shorts review helpful? Do you have a recommendation too?

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