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The lovely Salwa from Salz Dummy Spit has asked me for some makeup help.  She said “I hate makeup and I think makeup hates me”, bless her little cotton socks.  How could I ignore such a plea?

I’ve put together a basic makeup budget kit for Salwa, using the fabulous Australis makeup brand.  They’re 100% Australian, don’t test on animals, have been in business for 25 years and every single product is under $20.  I am always terribly impressed with the quality of the product considering how wallet-friendly the prices are.  I am a huge fan.


The look I’m putting together for Salwa is designed to enhance her natural beauty, last all day and take mere minutes to apply.  She is a very busy lady and time is one thing she’s short of in the mornings!  We’ll achieve this by starting with a primer to form the perfect base for long lasting makeup, then adding a tinted moisturiser.  Adding an illuminating concealer under the eyes will help disguise dark spots.  Apply in an upside down V shape and pat, pat, pat until it is all blended in.  A little can be applied to the eyelids too as a great eyeshadow base.  Using a setting powder will increase the lasting power of the makeup.  A touch of creme blush will add a flush of prettiness, and using the dual product as a lip colour will ensure colour matching, and save money to boot.  Apply a “Nike” swoop of creme blush from the cheek towards the top of the ear, starting in line with the iris, and pat, pat, pat until it is perfectly blended.  Reverse for the other side of the face.


To enhance Salwa’s eyes, I’m recommending a nude-brown palette of eyeshadow colours.  These colours suit absolutely everyone.  Start with a pale shadow applied as a wash over the lid, then a slightly darker colour in the crease, using a contouring brush.  The darkest colour can be applied along the lash lines as an eyeliner.  To brighten the eyes, apply the very palest colour in the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bones.  For someone who isn’t used to makeup, a simple lengthening mascara will do the trick.  A tubing mascara is easy to apply and remove.

A few extras that I recommend are an illuminator to gently pat on top of the cheekbones, above the cupid’s bow of the lips, down the bridge of the nose and under the brow bone to add some diffused light to the face.  To further define the face, bronzer applied in a 3 shape from the temples, under the cheekbones and along the jaw line is a fabulous idea.  Simply reverse the 3 on the other side and use a very, very light hand, making sure to tap the brush firmly to remove as much of the powder as possible.



The tools I recommend are a lash curler for the lift it will give to lashes and really open up the eyes.  I would suggest purchasing a kabuki brush to brush all over the face once the primer and foundation have been applied with the fingers.  This will give a fantastic airbrushed look to the face, and will also double as a setting powder brush.  I would recommend a blush brush if using powder, but this isn’t necessary with creme blush.  A big soft brush is perfect for bronzer application.  For eye makeup, I recommend a soft brush for applying the base colour as a wash over the eyelid, then an angled brush for applying powder along the lash lines.  Finally, a blending brush which can be used to define the eye socket (the crease just above your eyeball if you pat your eyelid with your fingertips), and also to smudge and blend the liner.  I’d also recommend using a soft toothbrush (the ones you get on airplanes are perfect) to brush brows into place.



Makeup Essentials:

Primer – $11.95

Paparazzi Perfect HD Tinted Moisturiser in Medium / Dark – $15.95

Paparrazi Perfect HD Brightener Concealer – $11.95 Conceals AND illuminates the under eye area

Ready Set Go Finishing Powder – $12.95

Creme Colour for Cheeks and Lips in Choc Truffle or Flirtatious Pink – $9.95

Intensifeye Eyeshadow Quad in Choc-a-Block – $13.95

Lash Length Extension Tubing Mascara in Black – $9.95

Total $74.70


Makeup Extras:

Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed – $12.95

Mineral High Lights in Pearl – $14.95

Total $27.90


Makeup Tools:

Kabuki Brush – $17.95  Could also use Mineral Powder Brush – $11.95 – Both of these can double as a powder brush, blush brush, blending brush, bronzer brush – just wipe over with a makeup wipe and pat dry with a paper towel between uses.

Eye Shadow Brush – $6.95 For applying a wash of pale colour over the eyelid.  Can also be turned to smudge darker colour along the lash line.

Angled Liner Brush – $6.95 For applying darker colour along the lashline on the upper and lower lids.

Eye Shadow Contouring Brush – $6.95 For adding colour in the crease of the eye and to blend colour by using in a windscreen wiper motion over the lids.

Lash Curler – available from everywhere from the supermarket to exclusive makeup boutiques, and at every price range.

 Total $38.80

Grand Total – $141.40 ($113.50 without bronzer and illuminator)


Salwa, I hope that helps you.  You’re already a gorgeous person on the inside, and these little bits and pieces will only enhance your natural beauty on the outside.  There is a view that makeup is fluffy and inconsequential, but something that makes so many people feel so much better about themselves on the inside because of the way they look on the outside?  That’s pretty important stuff!


Kimba Likes Keeping it Real Policy:

You can click here to read the Kimba Likes Keeping it Real policy.  This is not a sponsored post, and I have not received payment nor product in exchange for this review.  I simply am a huge fan of the budget busting Australis makeup brand and am very happy recommending it.  You can trust Kimba Likes to keep it real.



  • Robomum - 11 March 2013 - 11.18 pm

    Salz is going to be one hot mama! Great tips and seemingly fail safe. Can’t tell you how much cash I’ve spent trying to solve this same problem. So easy when someone tells you how.ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 12 March 2013 - 1.44 pm

      She’s already gorgeous, this will just add that little je ne sais quoi! I’ve spent years and tonnes of cash working out what works for me. Hope this works for Salz (and anyone else!)ReplyCancel

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