Avocado Feta Smash

Kimba Likes Avocado Feta Smash - an easy peasy lemon squeezy lunch in a hurry

Are you in need of a quick, easy peasy lemon squeezy lunch option that is good for you to boot?  I’ve been collecting yummy yet quick and easy lunch options since I’ve been working at home.  Let me introduce you to one of my favourites – Avocado Feta Smash!

Now that I’m eating gluten free, to help combat my auto immune disease symptoms, I’ve been struggling for quick lunch options. Bread is such an easy go to, is filling and a great source of dietary fibre.  Plus, it is oh so yummy!

My Avocado Feta Smash is just perfect for a fast lunch.  It’s really simple, tastes delicious and is super duper adaptable.  Add some chilli flakes for a spicy twist.  Try adding some torn up fresh herbs – from your herb garden would be even better!

Pop it onto gluten free rice crackers for a coeliac-friendly meal.  It’s fab on fresh bread too.  I needed a light dinner after a big lunch recently.  I added a couple of handfuls of fresh rocket to a bowl of Avocado Feta Smash and spooned it onto crackers.

Top it with a protein option like salami, ham off the bone or a slice of left over roast chicken.  Add some sliced tomato or fresh basil leaves and it will even count towards your vegetable quotient for the day.

Avocado Feta Smash

  • Just slice the avocado into the bowl – use the same motion you’d use when adding some butter to your knife.
  • Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice.
  • Add some feta.
  • Mash with a fork and add cracked pepper to taste.

Sit down and enjoy a yummy lunch!

What’s your go to lunch?


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