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For Bagvember Day 2, it’s my day off and I’m keeping it really simple.  School drop off, physio, groceries and a hot chocolate from Adriano Zumbo for the morning.  A day at home catching up on some blogging and housework – I am such a domestic goddess, am I not?  School pickup again and then a hot date with my main men, the Welshman and Boyo, involving homemade pizza and a DVD.  Oh, I do love my Friday night hot dates!

Just the essentials today, packed into my fun Gorman leather clutch, with zipper-edged ruffles.  I picked up this baby at the Gorman clearance shop at Birkenhead Point a few months ago.



In the interests of travelling very lightly, on account of my sprained back, which is not making for a very happy Kimba, I’ve kept it to the essentials.  Some (unphotographed) lady gear, my favourite Rayban Wayfarers, compact and the free Shop Til You Drop Kit lipgloss in a gorgeous raspberry (to repair the damage from an hour face down on the physio massage table!) and my wallet.  Add an iPhone and what more does a girl need?


So what is this Bagvember stuff all about?


Have you heard about Borne Naked handbag liners?  I love to swap bags and I use mine all the time.  Sometimes I use it as storage for the essential handbag items, and just pick and choose from the liner to pop into my clutch or small day bag, when I don’t want to take everything with me.  That way, I know where my work keys are when Monday rolls around again.  On Monday, I simply refill my liner and pop it back into my work tote.  Perfect!


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They’re also the perfect in flight travel accessory.  Big enough to hold your essential  in flight needs like spray mist, hand cream, glasses, rosehip oil, book, headphones etc.  I keep my travel documentation and a pen in one of the pockets too.  When you get to your holiday destination, it’s the perfect safe place to keep your bits and pieces sand free on the beach, for example!

Amanda George from Borne Naked has a Handbag Blog, where she showcases everything handbags.  She’s a little bit obsessed (I know the feeling well!).

Amanda has issued a challenge for November.  Firstly, she’s nicknamed it Bagvember, and it’s all about changing handbags every day for the month of November.  Amanda thinks she probably has at least 100 bags.  After I’ve been “stalking” her recent overseas adventures on Instagram, I’d say the total may have increased just a little bit!

I haven’t counted my own personal tally of handbags – sometimes, it’s just safer not to know, you know?

I’m going to accept the challenge and change my handbag every day.  For reasons of practicality, ie, having to lug my iPad and various stuff back and forth to work four days a week, plus lug water bottles and Nintendo DSis and various other Boyo equipment during the weekend, not to mention a sprained back that is still very ouchy, I’m not committing to 30 handbags in 30 days, but I am committing to changing my handbag every day.

My darling 8 year old Boyo loved Frocktober and very proudly told everyone he met that his mama was doing Frocktober to raise money.  He brainstormed a pile of ideas for what I could do in November, and Bagvember was one of his ideas.  It’s fate really, isn’t it!  He also came up with Lipstickvember and Bravember and Knickervember.  Hmmmm …


Amanda will be posting pics of her daily Bagvember bag on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

If you feel like joining her (and me!), here’s the easy instructions of how to join in!

1)      Add your photo to your personal page tagging @BorneNaked or onto the Borne Naked FB page

2)      Post on Instagram using hashtags #BorneNakedChallenge #HandbagADay

3)      Post on Twitter using hashtags #BorneNakedChallenge #HandbagADay


You can follow my Handbag a Day adventures on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.  I’d love for you to join in the fun!



  • demenagement martin inc. - 29 April 2014 - 7.23 pm
  • Amanda - TheHandbagBlog - 3 November 2012 - 9.25 am

    Loving this Gorman cutie. I don’t have any of their bags but love their clothes. Going to check out their bag offering now! xReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 3 November 2012 - 6.34 pm

      It really is cute. Adds a bit of rockstar chic to a jeans and tee combo but is also glam enough to wear out with a party frock. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kim-Marie Williams - 2 November 2012 - 10.03 pm

    Thanks, Grace. Boyo enjoyed Frocktober too. I hope he enjoys Bagvember just as much because he is my photographer! xReplyCancel

  • Grace - 2 November 2012 - 3.06 pm

    Ooooh, so looking forward to seeing what’s in store! Loved your Frocktober!
    Hope that back heals soon, lovely! Talk about ouch!ReplyCancel

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