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Over the years, I’ve tried on pretty much every single style and brand of shapewear.  I’ve had Bridget Jones moments where suck ’em in knickers have rolled up.  I’ve had to leave the dancefloor for fear of fainting because my shapewear made me so hot – and not in a ooer check that out kinda way.  Once my shapewear tried to kill me.  I’m serious.  A piece of boning came loose and stabbed me in the boob.

Kimba Likes Bella Bodies Shapewear | sponsored

Luckily, over the years, technological advances have improved many products.  Shapewear is just one of these products that has benefited.

My shapewear requirements have changed over the years too.  Sadly, no technological advances have been made on me.  I used to wear shapewear way back when I was younger and slimmer – you know, when I had no need for shapewear. Back then, I could have avoided the extremely uncomfortable old school shapewear by choosing a different style – or let’s be honest, perhaps a size bigger.

Now, my shapewear needs to be breathable, smooth and firm, with no VPL, and no nasty itchy fabrics and uncomfortable boning.  I probably need shapewear more now than I did when I was younger, but I’m not prepared to compromise on comfort for the sake of looking good.

Although I’m bigger now than I’ve ever been in my entire life, I’m also more confident than I’ve ever been. I know what looks good on me.  I know what styles suit me. I know how to dress to emphasise the good bits and skim over the not-so-good bits.

With the majority of shapewear options, I have comfort issues, whether the pieces are old school or utilising modern technology.  I don’t want to be fiddling with bodysuits and snaps.  Not that fussed on wearing something uncomfortable that promises to slim my hips or tuck my butt or trim my thighs.  I’m actually quite happy with my curvaceous figure.  OK, no time for false modesty.  I love my curves!

However, my bete noire is my tummy. My poochy had-a-10-pound-baby-and-double-placenta-and-a-caesarean tummy. Plus I absolutely loathe VPL.  It’s just not a good look.  At all.

Hello Bella Bodies Shapewear!  I’m all about streamlining and smoothing, rather than sucking in.  I’m happy with the size I am.  I just want to be as smooth and firm as possible.

Bella Bodies Shapewear kindly sent me the fab new Camyz Shaper and the Breathable Bamboo Knickers for trial and review.

Kimba Likes Bella Bodies Shapewear

I wear a lot of full skirts – partly because I adore the retro cute look, and partly because of the waist-fakery magic that occurs when I team a full skirt and a fitted top.

But the muffin toppage issues that appear with this outfit combo?  Not so good.  Camyz Shaper to the rescue.  They smooth and firm with comfort and without itchy scratchy suck ’em in fabric.

The Bella Bodies Shapewear Camyz Shaper is reversible with the option of a V neck or round neck.  Featuring a stretchy top half with a reinforced jersey bottom half to firm tummy and hips, the Camyz Shaper comes in black, white or sand.  The top half is super stretchy to accommodate any size bust in comfort. Even mine. I’ve read that claim before – this time, it was true!

I wear mine pulled over the top of skinny jeans or leggings to smooth over any waistband lumps and bumps.  I wear mine tucked in to a skirt to eliminate muffin top issues.  The Camyz Shaper is even stretchy enough to make a smoothing slip long enough to be worn under a bodycon dress.

Kimba Likes Bella Bodies Shapewear

Bodycon and VPL tend to go together like a dog and fleas – and other unattractive pairings. Unfortunately, the sort of pretty knickers with matching bras, featuring lace, satin and ribbons, are exactly the wrong sort of knicker for avoiding VPL.  They also don’t tend to be very comfortable. As for smoothing properties? Not usually the best.

Now, I like pretty lingerie as much as the next girl.  But what I like more is not having VPL!  There’s always a time and place for pretty lingerie after all.  Oh la la!

My Bella Bodies Shapewear Breathable Bamboo Knickers aren’t, to be fair, the prettiest things to grace my lingerie drawers. But they smooth my figure without suck ’em innage discomfort.  And no VPL.  Did I mention that already?!

Let’s not be too coy about this – in the sort of humidity Australia generally experiences in the summer months, the breathable factor rates pretty highly too.  Moving swiftly along …

When people think of shapewear, they often think of extreme discomfort, trying to squish down a size or fidgeting and fussing with snaps and straps.

I love that Bella Bodies Shapewear’s Camyz Shapers make me look like the same me – just a better version!  They don’t suck me in like a corset to create a waist.  They just smooth and firm any potential lovehandles or muffin top, allowing my own waist to look better.

The Bella Bodies Breathable Bamboo Knickers don’t have special panels to suck bits of me in and complicated bits of elastic seaming.  They’re just simple seamless full coverage underwear made from truly comfy and breathable bamboo fabric.  The waistband doesn’t dig in, there’s no riding up, and there’s no VPL.  Like I said, they’re not pretty but they’re also not meant to be seen!

I’m very fond of my Bella Bodies Shapewear Camyz Shaper and Breathable Bamboo Knickers.  They’re like the primer I apply to my face before putting my makeup on.  Once the base layer has performed the smoothing and streamlining magic, I’m good to go!

Have you tried Bella Bodies Shapewear?


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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Bella Bodies Shapewear. I received items for trial and review purposes. They passed the Kimba Likes Keeping it Real test, so I’m now sharing my thoughts and feedback with you in this post.

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