Kimba Likes Borne Naked Bagvember Day 30



It’s the last day of Bagvember! I made it through with a different bag every day.  I learnt that I like bags with shoulder straps long enough to go over the arm and short enough to go over the arm.  I learnt that if I use my Borne Naked liner (either as storage to pick and choose my essential items for the day from, or to take the whole damned lot with me), I don’t lose anything or leave anything behind.  I rediscovered old favourites and made some decisions to pass other bags on.  I had forgotten I owned a Mulberry bag – if I have anything to thank Bagvember for, it is that!



Today is a beautifully warm sunny day in Sydney, and the Welshman and I had a date day.  We did a little Xmas shopping, then went to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall, before grabbing a quick lunch so I could make a last minute doctor’s appointment.

The bag du jour is a little denim covered straw basket with a Carrie-esque flower.  It is at least a dozen years old and was an Xmas present from the Welshman when we were young unmarrieds living in sin in a gorgeous Federation semi in Mosman.  Oh, expat packages were sweet!

In my wardrobe organising frenzy for Bagvember, I discovered a classic 90s Prada nylon bag I’d forgotten about.  It dates from about the same era, but it just wasn’t pretty enough for this oh so charming dress.



My outfit of the day is a favourite Sportsgirl silk maxi dress.  It really is the holy grail of summer frocks.  It’s not only pretty and swishy, it is silk with a silk lining.  Just perfect for sticky Sydney days.  I can’t believe how many designers think it’s a great idea to line a gorgeous silk frock with a nasty polyester lining.

I will literally cry when this dress finally gives up the ghost.  I could have paid double the retail price for this dress and the cost per wear would have worked out at mere cents.  As it is, I bought it on sale for $20, so the cost per wear is now surely negative!

I’ve teamed it with oh so matchy matchy musk pink leather Nine West sandals, with a wooden heel.  The ankle strap is in the perfect non-leg shortening position, and they cost me about $15 from a holiday shopping trip when we were in Sanctuary Cove for a theme park holiday a few years ago.  I know if I ever go back to that outlet centre, I shall be so disappointed, so great were the bargains I grabbed on my first visit!

The nail polish is A-Rose from the Dead from the OPI So Skullicious Halloween 2012 collection.  I so love the mini collections because I just can’t get through a big bottle before it goes off.



So, what is this Bagvember stuff all about?


Have you heard about Borne Naked handbag liners?  I love to swap bags and I use mine all the time.


Image from


Amanda George from Borne Naked has a Handbag Blog, where she showcases everything handbags.  She’s a little bit obsessed (I know the feeling well!).

Amanda has issued a challenge for November.  Firstly, she’s nicknamed it Bagvember, and it’s all about changing handbags every day for the month of November.  Amanda thinks she probably has at least 100 bags.

I’m going to accept the challenge and change my handbag every day.  For reasons of practicality, I’m not committing to 30 handbags in 30 days, but I am committing to changing my handbag every day.

My darling 8 year old Boyo loved Frocktober and very proudly told everyone he met that his mama was doing Frocktober.  He brainstormed a pile of ideas for what I could do in November, and Bagvember was one of his ideas.  It’s fate really, isn’t it!  He also came up with Lipstickvember and Bravember and Knickervember.  Hmmmm …


Amanda will be posting pics of her daily Bagvember bag on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

If you feel like joining her (and me!), here’s the easy instructions of how to join in!

1)      Add your photo to your personal page tagging @BorneNaked or onto the Borne Naked FB page

2)      Post on Instagram using hashtags #BorneNakedChallenge #HandbagADay

3)      Post on Twitter using hashtags #BorneNakedChallenge #HandbagADay


You can follow my Handbag a Day adventures on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.  I’d love for you to join in the fun!



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