Boyo and the Big Boy Haircut

Poor old Boyo. So much hair in his face he’s perfected a head-toss-and-blow manoeuvre so he can see where he’s going!

Dangerously close to a mullet, featuring side wings, neck feathers and mutton chops, the hair needed sorting. Luckily Day 2 of the school holidays saw Boyo and I heading to Stevie English Salon for some gorgeous grooming.

Boyo was in the safe hands of Jyle, who demonstrated what a great hairdresser he is by asking me how I wanted Boyo’s hair done before talking to him. I was envisioning cropping the back and shaping it around the ears and leaving it fuller in the front. Cute huh?

Boyo was envisioning a reverse Mohawk. Know what that is? He wanted his hair shaved down the centre and sticking up on the outside.

I could see my vision disappearing! Luckily, the young and funky Jyle impressed Boyo and suggested a faux Mohawk instead. Shorter around the sides and longer through the top and down the back of his head.  Phew!  Agreement was reached.

I relaxed and chatted to the lovely Zoe who took my hair a little bit shorter again, which is a fabulous idea for a sticky Sydney summer, where I can whack some O&M Style Guru cream in when it’s wet, comb my part into place and leave it to dry, before smoothing it with a few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic.

When I turned around, I was confronted with a super cool little dude!  How could I say no to Jyle’s request to whack some temporary colour in?

Attitude with a capital A for for anarchy


With perfect timing, Boyo had a green mohawk for this year’s Xmas photos.
As the man himself said “Well, I won’t forget you this year!”.


One slightly worried looking Mama – we have to work on those devil fingers!


The following day, now with added blue spots.  As you (hair)do.

Being the  Mother of Awesomeness that I am, I took him back to get a return to school haircut done.  Now, I could have been sensible and asked for a nice cut, but hey, it’s hair.  It will grow back.  And it is a great cut  even when it isn’t styled.  Thank the gods for that – I do not have enough time to style someone else’s hair every morning!


Mid cut


Adding some colour – red this time


Finally, got the devil fingers right!


The dude’s got ‘tude. And my tee!


Of course, now that Boyo has decided to be the new Tony Hawk, a cool haircut is a skater boi necessity!


That’s how he rolls …


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  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style - 28 January 2013 - 8.49 am

    Great do. What a good mum you are! Rachel xReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 28 January 2013 - 9.21 am

      I tell him that every single day! x I cannot imagine my mother letting me do something like this when I was 8 years old!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - 28 January 2013 - 8.00 am

    Awesome haircut!! Will his school allow it? Mine wouldn’t be able to have something like that but can imagine the sorts of things they’ll want when school holidays roll around each year! They’re becoming more ‘aware’ of their hair but all three are restricted by double crowns!! Luckily, my SIL is a hairdresser although she can’t do much with all the double crowns 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 28 January 2013 - 8.05 am

      Hi Cathy. The beauty of this haircut is that when it’s not styled, it’s a fab cut too. The other beauty is that to get the colour he has to wash it out every night, and he HATES washing his hair! Ooh, double crowns are hard work. I’ve got double cowlicks.ReplyCancel

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