Boyo and the Big Boy Haircut

Poor old Boyo. So much hair in his face he’s perfected a head-toss-and-blow manoeuvre so he can see where he’s going!

Dangerously close to a mullet, featuring side wings, neck feathers and mutton chops, the hair needed sorting. Luckily Day 2 of the school holidays saw Boyo and I heading to Stevie English Salon for some gorgeous grooming.

Boyo was in the safe hands of Jyle, who demonstrated what a great hairdresser he is by asking me how I wanted Boyo’s hair done before talking to him. I was envisioning cropping the back and shaping it around the ears and leaving it fuller in the front. Cute huh?

Boyo was envisioning a reverse Mohawk. Know what that is? He wanted his hair shaved down the centre and sticking up on the outside.

I could see my vision disappearing! Luckily, the young and funky Jyle impressed Boyo and suggested a faux Mohawk instead. Shorter around the sides and longer through the top and down the back of his head.  Phew!  Agreement was reached.

I relaxed and chatted to the lovely Zoe who took my hair a little bit shorter again, which is a fabulous idea for a sticky Sydney summer, where I can whack some O&M Style Guru cream in when it’s wet, comb my part into place and leave it to dry, before smoothing it with a few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic.

When I turned around, I was confronted with a super cool little dude!  How could I say no to Jyle’s request to whack some temporary colour in?

Attitude with a capital A for for anarchy


With perfect timing, Boyo had a green mohawk for this year’s Xmas photos.
As the man himself said “Well, I won’t forget you this year!”.


One slightly worried looking Mama – we have to work on those devil fingers!


The following day, now with added blue spots.  As you (hair)do.

Being the  Mother of Awesomeness that I am, I took him back to get a return to school haircut done.  Now, I could have been sensible and asked for a nice cut, but hey, it’s hair.  It will grow back.  And it is a great cut  even when it isn’t styled.  Thank the gods for that – I do not have enough time to style someone else’s hair every morning!


Mid cut


Adding some colour – red this time


Finally, got the devil fingers right!


The dude’s got ‘tude. And my tee!


Of course, now that Boyo has decided to be the new Tony Hawk, a cool haircut is a skater boi necessity!


That’s how he rolls …


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