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Kimba Likes // Bunny Bros

One of the worst things about going on holidays is how much I miss my Bunny Bros.  I know they’re very happy with their bunny sitter, and getting coddled and cuddled, but I do miss them.  Cheeky little chops that they are!

Bowie Bonbon had a wee pre-Christmas visit to the vet for a deknackering job.  Lost his bonbons!  Lord Carrot had his operation a month or so beforehand, but we wanted to wait as long as possible due to Bowie’s recent illness.

They’re both recovered and very happy little bunnies again.  It makes bunnysitting Sally Brown, the female rabbit belonging to our friends, considerably easier.  It also assists in making them more affectionate and reduces aggression.  Bunnies have a lot in common with kids, including squabbling with their siblings!

Kimba Likes // Bunny Bros

The Bunny Bros delight in helping me garden.  Their incessant tunnelling and earthmoving activities often result in lopsided or just plain dug up plants.  Luckily, I have a very tolerant garden.  My gardenias even flowered (well, just one flower to be honest) despite persistent bunny nibbling.  The bromeliads and succulents are tough as old boots and cope remarkably well with constant replanting.

Very cleverly, or so I thought, I’d blocked off various bits of the garden with wire fencing.  They’re so much smaller than our much lamented Bolt and so much more agile than the dearly departed Mr Bunsy that I was worried they might escape next door through the reed fences.  Luckily, my defence of the dividing fence still holds.

However, they’re very fond of a little spot behind some big concrete planters and the rendered brick boundary wall.  They dug so far down that the ground was unstable.  I was quite concerned that the very heavy concrete planters might topple on top of them!  I dug in some wire fencing to prevent their access and felt quite pleased with my Kiwi ingenuity.

The Bunny Bros outwitted me though.  I literally lost my shizz when I lost the bunnies one afternoon.  Couldn’t spot them anywhere.  Goneburgers.  It finally occurred to me to investigate the blocked off area.  There they were.  Happy as two bunnies in an elbow-deep hole.

But how did they get in?  I checked my (de)fences.  Nope, still holding strong.  The mystery was solved when I reached in quietly and scooped one little fluffy marauder up.  The other leapt onto the mid-thigh height pot and then off the other side.  Mystery solved!

Kimba Likes // Bunny Bros

The Bunny Bros are always together.  Occasionally, Lord Carrot will retire to their hutch for a snooze, but his brother soon follows him.

Lord Carrot is a little more fond of the hutch lately.  I think he prefers to stretch out on their sheepskin rug in the shady hutch than sit in the dirt.  Bowie Bonbon is our digger though.  He loves nothing more than digging holes; except perhaps reclining in them.  If he is in the hutch, he adores shredding newspaper.  I can’t tell you the amount of money I’ve spent on bunny activity toys.  Almost universally ignored in favour of a bit of scrunched up paper.

Kimba Likes // Bunny Bros

Both bunnies adore hiding and climbing, and I’ve arranged various sections in the garden for them.  Stacked milk crates lined with coconut husk garden matting, with a wooden ramp for access, make a brilliant bunny fort.  A plank of wood laid across the wooden table struts is a sunbathing platform and hidey hole underneath.  A wooden pallet set against the wall is a vertical herb garden (those marauding bunnies again!) and doubles as an excellent bunny tunnel.  Various garden pots lined up against the garden walls create hiding holes and tunnels for hiding and relaxing.

Kimba Likes // Bunny Bros

Luckily, the bunnies adore a Mama cuddle too, bless them.  They protest a bit when they’re picked up, but once they feel supported and secure, they’re quite happy to settle in for a cuddle.  It’s hard to find something more lovely than a blissed out bunny with their ears in a relaxed laid back position, bunting you under the chin (or your hand) to demand more pats.  Bowie even makes a purring sound, bless him.  If you’re ever lucky enough to have a bunny cuddle, consider yourself very loved if you receive a little lick.

Are you a Crazy Bunny Lady like me?  Please ignore this question if you live in Queensland, you poor banned-from-bunnies souls.  What pets live in your house?


  • Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life - 13 January 2015 - 2.14 pm

    Bunny cuddles are the best! We have two bunnies also. Their toy of choice at the moment are cardboard toilet paper rolls.ReplyCancel

    • Kimba - 13 January 2015 - 6.31 pm

      Mine aren’t fond of them, the cheeky monkeys!ReplyCancel

  • Gergia - 13 January 2015 - 12.58 pm

    The Bunny Bros are so very cute. They make me miss having a bunny, but our current yard isn’t very bunny friendly, and would cost a fair bit of money to make it so.ReplyCancel

  • merilyn - 13 January 2015 - 9.42 am

    how adorable are they kim! … gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia Bavistock - 13 January 2015 - 4.31 am

    I love your Bunny Bros updates! They are so very cute together (and with you). I might not be a crazy bunny lady, but I sure am a crazy dog lady! xReplyCancel

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