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Oh the excitement of a new project!  It is easy to start off with a spring in your step … only to watch your motivation dwindle away as time goes on.

I found that online study with my Business Mamas business diploma was no different.

Kimba Likes being a Business Mamas blog ambassador. I'm talking about staying motivated. How my get up and go got up and went and how I got back on track #onlinestudy #businessmamas #studyathome #kimbalikes #blogambassador

At the beginning, I was full of enthusiasm and was able to fit the extra responsibility of study into my day.

Once I’d completed the opening three modules, my get up and go got up and went.  The first modules are designed to introduce me to the course and to discover the ways I like to learn.

Let’s be frank – they’re relatively easy.  I was able to complete them quickly with a maximum of good will and minimum of time expended.

When it came to the next stage of the course – you know, when shiz starting getting real – it was a different matter.  I had the perfect storm of a husband away on an overseas trip, a sick child, another wave of sinusitis for me, and even a sick laptop who had to go to the laptop doctor.  My email system threw a tantrum, and it took me days to fix it.  In the end, I deleted it all, cleared the cache and started again.  And promptly lost all my To Do List, my emails and online receipts.

I had the excitement and full social diary of my birthday Festival of Kimba, combined with a super busy time when I received an influx of interesting and relevant PR invitations and blog opportunities.  When I sat down to complete my scheduled study, I had way too many things to distract me.  Yep, guilty as charged.

Add in the drama llama of spring cleaning for the Welshman’s parents who are coming on a much anticipated visit, and dealing with the extra inroads into my time that medical tests, naturopathic dietician and specialist appointments create, and I’ve quite simply run out of time.

However, one of the biggest issues affecting my motivation is that I’m undertaking a business diploma to enable me to successfully run a business I’ve yet to launch.  Doubts started to creep in.  3am conversations with the voices in my head, whilst working out if my future business idea was the right idea, the best idea, what I should be doing …

Kimba Likes being a Business Mamas blog ambassador. I'm talking about staying motivated. How my get up and go got up and went and how I got back on track #onlinestudy #businessmamas #studyathome #kimbalikes #blogambassador

But I got my mojo back.  Want to know how?

I went shopping with some friends and acted as their stylist.  I went to my local op shop, pulled outfits from their racks and dressed their mannequins.  I attended a media preview for a fashion label and put my stylist hat on.  You know the old “fake it ’til you make it” adage? I rolled with that.  I pretended that I was a stylist with a successful business, doing my stylist thing.

I reconnected with my love of styling.  My original goal of making people feel better about themselves on the inside by looking better on the outside fired me up again.

I want this – I mean, I really want this.  In order to achieve my goals, I have to work hard and get shiz done because when I launch my stylist business, I am going to be successful. I’m going to be the best I can be.  I believe in me, and I need to prioritise me.

Isn’t it amazing what reconnecting can do?  Just like a relationship.  If you’ve been over busy and overworked and overtired, just scheduling a little time to spend together can do wonders.  Whether it is your significant other or a friend, or your career dream!

Turns out that staying motivated just took a little make believe and a bit of lived experience, to reconnect with my dream and get me fired up to kick my goals!

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  • Ingrid - 31 August 2015 - 9.28 pm

    I always thought you already were a fashion stylist! The way you put outfits together is amazing! I love your style! ReplyCancel

  • Sonia from Sonia Styling - 31 August 2015 - 9.33 am

    Thank you for (always) keeping it real! I’ve felt the same way in recent times and you’re so right – you’ve just got to fake it till you make it. But most of all, reconnect with your self-belief. xReplyCancel

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