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Catalina Geo Triple Action Tinted Moisturiser


As we head into summer, it’s a prime time to have a makeup shakeup.  Hot humid weather and makeup aren’t natural BFFs, but your sun protection needs are at a high.  A tinted moisturiser is just the thing!

Let’s talk about Catalina Geo Triple Action Tinted Moisturiser, which Makeup Australia very kindly gifted to me for trial and review.


What Catalina Geo say

A smart all-in-one day cream with mineral powder and SPF30 PA+ UV protection. The harmonisation of two special formulas provides a triple action: moisturizer, primer and foundation.

It provides a rich, abundant moisturizing effect and nutrition deep within the skin, smoothes your skin and gently subdues pores to present authentically healthy and natural skin tones. Naturally encapsulated mineral powder foundation beads radiate natural skin tones as the capsules burst upon application on the skin.

Type: Moisturizer, Primer, Foundation

Base: Liquid Skin

Skin Types: All

Coverage: Light

Finish: Smooth “crystal-like” finish

UV filters: Titanium Dioxide

Application tip: Pump once or twice to take an appropriate amount on the back of the hand and divide into four for application on the cheek, forehead, nose, and chin in that order and gently massage the face in circles working in an outward direction until the capsules have broken.


Catalina Geo Triple Action Tinted Moisturiser

Top L – direct from tube  |  Top R – see the little mineral powder beads?
Lower L – blending on application  |  Lower R – an unblended mineral foundation bead


What Kimba says

This is one of the strangest products I’ve ever used.  I actually laughed out loud when I first used it, because it is just so unique.  The product is completely white when dispensed from the tube, with little beads.  As the product is massaged into the skin, the little beads of mineral powder burst and blend into the skin.

I’ve experimented with several different application techniques.  I’ve tried applying it to cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and working it in to the skin with fingers, a sponge and with a foundation brush.  I’ve tried mixing it on my hand before applying it to the skin with a brush and my fingers, as well as a combination of these application techniques.

The one that works best for me is, funnily enough, applying to four sections and massaging it in until the texture is smooth and the skin is covered – just as the instructions suggest.  Once it is applied evenly with the fingers, I find buffing it in with a foundation brush works well.

As my skin is now, ahem, more mature, and also tends to dehydration, application is much easier with a layer of day serum applied first.

There is only one colour option available with this product, but the self adjusting formula worked equally well on on my pale winter skin as on my only slightly less pale spring-summer skin.  The formula is smart and self adjusts for the perfect finish.

I’m not exactly sure what “crystal like finish” means but I certainly like the sweat resistant finish on my skin.  It lasts well on the typical Sydney sweaty high high humidity days of high summer – that we’ve been experiencing in spring this year.  What’s with that?

Although the coverage is very light, I’m more than happy to apply this product and add just concealer and the merest swish of mineral powder for a casual day.  This is a big step for me, as I am not a Makeup Free Zone kind of girl.  At all.

The Catalina Geo Triple Action Tinted Moisturiser also acts as an excellent primer and sunscreen, and is priced at $37.95 for a 50mL tube from Makeup Australia.  Free postage for orders over $80.

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Catalina Geo Triple Action Tinted Moisturiser

Fresh Day Face with Catalina Geo Triple Action Tinted Moisturiser with Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer plus a light dusting of Catalina Geo Skin Cover


No matter what the weather is, in order to protect and nourish your skin, you should be wearing a moisturiser and a sunblock product every single day.  I always recommend a tinted moisturiser as a quick one step product.  If you’re going to wear moisturiser and sunblock anyway (and you should!), why not add a touch of colour to even out your complexion at the same time?

I’m a huge fan of Catalina Geo Intensive BB Cream SPF 35+ – click here to read my review.  I’ve been wearing the BB Cream as a base when I’m wearing liquid or creme foundations, and the Triple Action Tinted Moisturisers for casual days with just concealer and a swish of powder.


Verdict? Kimba Likes!

I’m more than happy to recommend this product and intend to repurchase when it is running low.  Due to the lasting effect on my skin on even sweaty Sydney summer days, it has definitely earned its place in my makeup drawers.


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  • Lisa Mckenzie - 14 November 2013 - 2.13 pm

    Hmm maybe not enough coverage for me but I would give it a go I do like BB creams when I am not doing much but prefer a foundation when going out ,Thanks Kimba for the Share xxReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 17 November 2013 - 6.44 am

      I’m finding as I’m getting older that tinted moisturisers with a layer of new generation “smart” powder foundations works better for me. I always wear a BB Cream or similar when I’m not even leaving the house but yes, foundation for going out!ReplyCancel

  • Norlin Mustapha - 14 November 2013 - 11.26 am

    I’ve never been a fan of tinted moisturisers, thanks to the invention of BB Creams. But, this one looks like it gives enough coverage and doesn’t end up too dark on the skin too. Love the fact that it doesn’t make you “sweat” because I’ve got oily-combination skin. 🙂 Great review Kimba!!ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 17 November 2013 - 6.42 am

      Thanks Norlin. Yes, I am a big BB Cream fan here, but I was intrigued to try this one. The non-sweat factor is going to be hugely important when it comes to high summer and you get those sticky days that make you feel you’re in a sauna – especially when you go from air conditioning to outside!ReplyCancel

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