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Swimwear as Clothes | Smash the Fashion Rules

I recently met Kylie van Wanrooy, the woman behind the designer swimwear label, Beyond the Sea.  She was extremely busy making the women of Sydney at Finders Keepers Markets very happy by selling them her gorgeous retro cute pinup inspired swimwear.  Click here to read all about it. Kylie was wearing one of her gorgeous...

The Fashion Rule I will never ever break

  I am a great believer that Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken.  Blue and green must never be seen without a colour in between?  What a load of rubbish.  Have you noticed how beautifully the sky goes with grass?  That’s just one of the old school Fashion Rules designed to be smashed. But...

Floral Crowns | Smash the Fashion Rules

  Have you noticed all the pretty floral hair accessories in the shops lately?  Did you think that you are far too old to wear them?  That they’re only designed to be worn by teenagers to music festivals?  I say if you like something, then you should wear it, regardless of rules.  Let’s smash the...

Bohemian Traders by The Beetle Shack

  I adore the lovely Emily from The Beetle Shack and her beautiful blog, filled with sunshine and stunning photography, thoughtful living and ethereal down to earthiness, amazing decor and enchanting babas. I was delighted to discover Emily had opened Bohemian Traders, an online boutique offering carefully handpicked and crafted gorgeousness.

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