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Friday Faves | 2 March

Friday Faves | 2 March Friday Faves | Autumn Style File Just like that, it’s already March! Autumn Style File has commenced and I’m overwhelmed by all the beauteous and stylish babes who have shared their style.  Definitely makes my Friday Faves list! Friday Faves | Burgerhoodread more »

three simple steps for mindful shopping

three simple steps for mindful shopping why I need mindful shopping I love clothes.  And shoes.  And bags.  And accessories.  Love them! But I’m overwhelmed by my wardrobe, rather than overwhelmed with love for it. I have a small walk in wardrobe, one rack in our bedroom, one tall boy, oneread more »

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | cleaning with baking soda for pets

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | cleaning with baking soda for pets Oh I love a good life hack!  It’s all about making life easier.  I’m sharing some baking soda tips that will save you money and save the earth too. Good old baking soda, aka bicarbonate soda, is a super duper useful productread more »

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | concealer pencil beauty hacks

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | concealer pencil beauty hacks Concealer Pencil Beauty Hacks I’m absolutely addicted to concealer.  I layer concealers to create a customised cosmetic solution for my individual skin needs.  Especially to disguise my eyebags. But concealer can do so much more thanread more »

Aussie Pineapples Life Hacks

gorgeous pineapples supplied by Aussie Pineapples & Bite Communications Love pineapples? Me too!  Aussie Pineapples sent me a beautiful basket of pineapples.  Here’s the dish on this king of fruits. Aussie pineapples are sweet and available all year-round with regular peaks. The skinread more »

Makeup Brush Cleaning Life Hacks

I’ve been doing some more life hack trials. I do love a good life hack to make life easier.  This week, it’s all about makeup brush cleaning life hacks.  We spend good money on those babies – it’s beautyonomics to keep them in tip top condition! Makeup Brush Cleaning Liferead more »

Gardening Life Hacks

I love to garden like a granny.  My urban suburban tropage garden just makes me happy.  I’m sharing a couple of my favourite gardening life hacks. Gardening Life Hacks | propagating succulents It is virtually impossible to kill succulents.  Even the blackest of thumbs can usually manage toread more »

Laundry Life Hacks

I’m one of those weird people who actually really love laundry.  I know, right.  It’s the process of chaos to organisation that I find soothing, I think. I’m sharing three of my favourite laundry life hacks to make your life better by making it easier. Laundry Life Hacks | hangread more »

Storage Life Hacks

I’d love to be super tidy all the time – but other things take priority sometimes.  I’m sharing some storage life hacks that make it easier for less tidy members of your family (usually the short ones we call kids), and to make storage space easier to use. Storage Life Hacks |read more »

Cocktail Life Hacks

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? I’m sharing some cocktail life hacks just in time for Australia Day. A gorgeous DIY infused bourbon that would make a fabulous gift, super pretty ice cubes with an added flavour burst, and a Captain Obvious hangover tip – one I usuallyread more »

Denim Life Hacks

The most ubiquitous clothing item – worn by everyone from babies to grannies – has to be a pair of denim jeans. I guarantee everyone has denim in their wardrobe.  I have everything from jeans to dresses and everything in between, including hair accessories, bags and shoes. I’mread more »

Bra Life Hacks

Ah, the good old bra.  I’ve been wearing once since 1986, aged 13.  That is nearly 30 years! I was the second to last girl in Form 2 to get a bra. The other girl was going shopping in the weekend with her mother. I took myself late night shopping on the Thursday, armed with a signed chequeread more »

Laundry Life Hacks for Sheets

I’m rather fond of laundry. I love the process from chaos to sweetly scented clean clothes.  But I’m afraid sheets are my bete noire. We didn’t use our dryer for so many years that when the relentless wet weather forced me to use it, I discovered it had given up the ghost.  Nowread more »

Cute Car Life Hacks

I’m still totes in love with my new car, the Kimbamobile.  My cute car deserves only the cutest accessories.  I’m sharing my top three cute car life hacks so you can keep your super cute car looking super cute! Cute Car Life Hacks | keyring My new car needed a new keyring – more »

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