Christmas Gifts for Classmates

Christmas Gifts for ClassmatesAs we head towards the end of the school year, your kids might like to wish their classmates a Merry Christmas with a little Christmas gift.  I’ve put together some fun ideas that you can DIY with your kids to create awesome Christmas gifts for classmates.

Christmas Gifts for Classmates | Cookie Cutters

Christmas Gifts for ClassmatesI got this fabulous idea from an awesome mum that I met when we were planning our weddings all those years ago, back when it was weird to meet people on the internet!

Samantha found awesome packs of metal cookie cutters at Aldi, and tied a couple together with some festive curling ribbon for each kid as amazing Christmas gifts for classmates.

You can find similar packs at discount department stores and clearance shops.  Use a hole punch on Christmas cards or gift tags to personalise the gifts for each child.

Christmas Gifts for Classmates | Bags of Reindeer Poop

Christmas Gifts for ClassmatesHow much fun is this idea I created?  Imagine the giggles when the kids receive bags of reindeer poop, cunningly disguised as M&Ms!

Find packets of cellophane bags at stationery shops and discount department stores – some even come complete with twist ties.  Add a handful of festive coloured M&Ms to each bag – you can buy 700g buckets in the supermarkets at the moment.  

Add a hand decorated luggage tag with the twist tie, or some festive ribbon.  Add stickers or stamps or get the kids to draw pictures of poop with a Santa hat.  Perhaps it is just me (and small boys) who would find that amusing?

A definite fun project to make funny Christmas gifts for classmates!

Christmas Gifts for Classmates | KISS Card and Candy Cane

Christmas Gifts for Classmates An oldie and still a goodie option for Christmas gifts for classmates.  The KISS option.  No, I’m not suggesting your kid give each classmate a Christmas kiss, silly.  KISS stands for Keep it Simple Silly! I don’t think you can beat the classic handwritten card with a mini candy cane option.

Discount stores, department stores and supermarkets are awash with festive sweeties at this time of year at very reasonable prices. How cool is this little box of cards and envelopes I picked up in the supermarket for under $5?  Works beautifully for Christmas gifts for classmates, plus one extra for the teacher!

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Christmas Gifts for ClassmatesAnother amazing idea from Samantha – isn’t she the bomb?  She put together this lovely gift for one of her child’s teachers last year.

Did you know how much stuff teachers wind up buying out of their own pockets?  A little busy box of bits and pieces would come in really handy for a teacher to use as rewards, inspiration and emergency supplies!

Click to check out some fab teacher and babysitter gift ideas from Redcliffe Style and Fox in Flats.

We are going with the classic Card & Candy Cane option this year for Boyo’s Christmas gifts for classmates, as they’re also doing a class Kris Kringle.  Boyo had the most awesome teacher this year and we gave him a lovely leather journal.

What are your kids doing for Christmas gifts for classmates this year?  If you have kids, that is!

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