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Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping You know what time of year it is, don’t you? Christmas season starts in September in Retail Land – a little later for the rest of us.

If perchance the sight of Santa hats and reindeer decorations has you feeling a little Grinchy, then my friend, you need to go and visit Myer Giftorium!

I had a fabulous time visiting last year, and this year, Boyo accompanied me to the launch of the Sydney Myer Giftorium.  Coinciding with the arrival of Santa, it was a pretty exciting day.  Even if Rudolph snoozed through most of it, bless him.

Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping

Boyo and I had a whale of a time.  We have a little Mama Boyo Christmas tradition, where we choose new ornaments together every year.  We were spoilt for choice at Myer Giftorium.  Beautifully arrayed in themed displays, we had a hard time choosing one each.  We, um, got four each!

Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping

Boyo indulged me by getting a Santa photo.  Santa is a cool dude, who was so impressed by Boyo’s gift selection of a Sega MegaDrive that he sent one of the elves to get him one.  He said he would be far too busy organising the toys for all the world’s children to spend any time making his own gift!

Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping

Insert joke about finding Mr Kris Smith under my tree – that would be way too cheesy.  Not quite as cheesy as the joke he made about confusing Christmas for Kris Smith – but he got a good laugh!  What a great sport he is.  The perfect ambassador – especially for personalised jars of Nutella, of which he was rather the fan!

Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping

Boyo was the perfect Christmas shopping companion.  The drama of choosing presents for a kid who is too old for toys was much lessened – he mainly just chose his own!  Don’t worry, there will still be a few surprises for him.  After all, those who believe, receive!

He was rather keen on the idea of a drone that he can control from his mobile.  Note taken.

Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping

Kimba Likes Christmas Shopping at Myer Giftorium #MyerGiftorium #ChristmasShopping

Myer Giftorium is more than a way to shop – it’s a shopping extravaganza!  Truly a one-stop-shop and fun family festive experience rolled into one.

Even the most cold hearted of Grinches couldn’t fail to find a little Christmas magic at Myer Giftorium. Inspired by iconic international stores, Myer Giftorium is the only Australian retail experience combining shopping services, in store events and a huge array of themed gifts.

Myer Giftorium | gifting themes

All about personalised gifts at Myer Giftorium this year.  If you like it, then you should put a name on it!

Myer Giftorium | personalised gifts

  • R&A Leather
  • Nutella – yes, your very own jar of personalised Nutella
  • Peanuts, Mr Men and Little Miss cartoon prints
  • Embroidered Santa sacks and Christmas stockings
  • Men’s Department – customised embroidered business shirts, towels, bathrobes etc
  • Order online or arrange in store

Myer Giftorium | easy peasy lemon squeezing shopping options

  • 180 expertly trained Gifticians (personal shoppers)
  • All Wrapped Up Christmast Gift Registry
  • iPad gift ordering for products not available in store
  • Shop and Drop parcel services
  • Shop, Wrap and Deliver services
  • Myer Giftorium online shopping microsite

Myer Giftorium | family fun

Myer Giftorium | fun facts

  • Nearly 40,000 square metres of Giftorium footprint across all Myer stores
  • 2.5 million products on offer at Giftorium
  • More than 100,000 items of Star Wars merchandise available
  • Over 120,000 games and puzzles on sale
  • Over 40km of pine, 35km of raspberry decal strips and 8km of plywood created the Myer Giftorium in store fixures
  • More than 120,000 kids will visit Santa at Myer Giftorium
  • 25,000 kids will write letters to Santa from Santaland
  • 980 extra staff have been employed to work at Myer Giftoriums this year

What are you waiting for? You need to get yourself and your shopping list to Myer Giftorium!


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I  was a guest of Myer Giftorium via Kids Business and received gifts and shopping vouchers

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    Our family has the tradition of adding a couple of Christmas decorations to the tree each year too! Our tree is looking quite crowded these days!ReplyCancel

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