Cocktail Life Hacks

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? I’m sharing some cocktail life hacks just in time for Australia Day.

A gorgeous DIY infused bourbon that would make a fabulous gift, super pretty ice cubes with an added flavour burst, and a Captain Obvious hangover tip – one I usually forget!

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks - sharing a cocktail life hacks recipe for DIY Apple Pie Bourbon

Cocktail Life Hacks | DIY Apple Pie Bourbon

Infused alcohol is all the thing, but did you know that it is super duper easy to make your own?  I’m going to share a recipe for DIY Apple Pie Bourbon.

  • Start with a decent quality bourbon – you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear after all
  • Sterilise a mason jar by boiling in water for a few minutes, or use a microwave steriliser for baby bottles
  • Add a generous handful of dried apple slices and a cinnamon stick or two to your clean mason jar
  • Top with bourbon and seal
  • Leave in a cool dry space
  • Shake at least once a day
  • After a week, open and taste.  If you’re not happy with the flavour, close up and try again in another few days to a week.
  • About a fortnight should be about right – but it’s down to your personal taste. It’s ready when you think it is ready.
  • Strain the liquid out and pour into a clean bottle.
  • Reserve the macerated fruit – add to your Christmas cake (you’re supposed to make them months in advance!)
  • Pour and enjoy your DIY Apple Pie bourbon

It would make a fabulous Christmas gift for next year too.  You could pour into miniature bottles, add a personalised tag and use as table place cards for your next fancypants party.

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks - make super pretty flavour burst ice cubes to pretty up your cocktails and mocktails. Cocktail life hacks for the win!

Cocktail Life Hacks | flavour burst ice cubes

A gorgeous way to add flavour and a pop of pretty to your summer drinks is to make your own flavour burst ice cubes.

Just add your choice of fruit, edible flowers and herbs and a squeeze of citrus juice to your ice cube trays, carefully top with water and slide into your freezer.

You can add to the gorgeousness by using decorative ice cube trays.  We have one that makes supersized square cubes for Scotch on the rocks, hipster-favourite stag head shapes and my favourite, bunnies!

They look gorgeous added to sparkling water, or add to a jug of cocktails for added loveliness.  Cheers!

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks - cocktail life hacks have to include an anti-hangover tip. This one is Captain Obvious but it is worth repeating  because you know you always forget, right?!

Cocktail Life Hacks | hangover prevention

There are lots of life hacks for hangover cures, but the best one is to prevent them in the first place!  This is a tip I often forget!

It’s a bit Captain Obvious but is totes worth repeating as a reminder.  Drink Water!  Yep, drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol and you will find yourself merry and not messy!

Treat yourself by making your water drinks as glam as your alcoholic drinks.  Use a pretty glass, sparkling water and pop in a couple of your gorgeous flavour burst ice cubes.

If you’ve got kids, you will be feeling especially smug the next morning!  Kids seem to know when you’ve had a big night, right?!

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