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I hang out with my iDevices a lot.  I check them first thing in the morning, and read eBooks on them at night.  When I’m blogging, I often have my MacPro, iPad and iPhone all going at the same time.  I call it multi tasking but some may call it short attention span.  Let’s move on.

When I saw some images of customised icons on iDevice screens, I just knew I had to treat my daily companions to a little makeover.  I’ve updated my iPhone and iPad – I’ve offered to update my blokefolk’s iPhones but they simply aren’t interested, for some bizarre reason.

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Simply download CocoPPa app from iTunes (also available for Android).  It’s a free app.



Select an icon that you like.  You can search for a specific app or something you fancy like chevron, bunny or hearts.



Then click up Set up link



Set up the short-cut link – you can choose from App Search, Phone Call, E-mail, Message or an URL.



Some standard apps have the links already set up.  There are many apps that will not have links, including the ones that come standard with the iPhone such as Photos, Phone, Calendar, but you can work around this using the URL option – deets further down.



You can customise the icon name and add “gloss” option, if desired.



Next step is to follow the instructions to add the icon to your home screen.




You can change the shortcut link name here too.



Then, you have a gorgeous new icon on your screen, looking as pretty as a picture.

It is really SUPER DUPER important not to delete the original app.  You haven’t installed a new app – you’ve just installed a shortcut link to make your phone look prettier.  I’ve moved all of mine into folders on an empty screen page.

Unfortunately, if you run different Instagram accounts or belong to Facebook groups, you can’t set up a separate shortcut for each of these, using the app link.  However, with programs that you can access via a website, like Instagram or Facebook, you can set up an URL link to the separate account or group.  You can’t upload photos via Instagram online but you can reply to comments.



OK, so there aren’t options for all of the built in iOS apps, but there are URL workarounds for some of them.  There are probably more available, but I haven’t been able to find them yet.  There are very short limits to my geekery.

Safari this will automatically open a Google tab but then you can use other tabs as per usual
Maps maps:
Messages  sms: this will open a new message form but when it is closed, you can see all your messages
Mail mailto: this will open a new email form but when it is closed, your email folders are available
Music music:
Phone Set up a phone link to your own number, then hit cancel as soon as it rings.  Then you can access the usual phone details.  This is probably WAY too annoying to bother with!
Photos photos-redirect://
Videos videos:
iTunes you may have to log out and log back in to access Australian store
AppStore itms-apps: It will come up with a “bad URL” message.  Just click OK and it then works.  Or try
Calendar calshow://

You can also install wallpaper, but I prefer to use my own photos and use my lock screens as #foxinflatsstyledare and #fmsphotoaday daily prompts.



There’s an option to install your own icons and wallpapers (and stamps, but I haven’t figured out what they are yet – told you my geekery was on a very short leash).  You need to sign up, then follow the instructions on the app.

  • Hit the pretty pink upload button
  • Take a picture or choose from library
  • Select the picture and move and scale
  • Add tags, description, etc.  You can also set it as Private or Public.
  • Then post it to Mypage.
  • When you want to use your icon, simply go to Mypage, select your icon (or wallpaper) and follow the instructions in this post.

I’ve done this for my own blog with my blog button. I’ve also added personalised buttons for #fmsphotoaday and #foxinflatsstyledare, so I can instantly access this month’s list quickly.




If you’d like to pretty up your iDevices, this is a great way to add a little whimsy to your day.

Instagram me a screen shot if you decide to CocoPPa your phone – I’d love to see!









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