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brought to you byKimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouring

My Instagram and Pinterest accounts are filled with contouring.  I’m obsessed.  Lots of how tos, before and after images and more Kim Kardashian than you can shake a buffing brush at.

My go to contouring is the classic powder highlighter placed in a C shape around the eyes, with a little down the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow.  Teamed with powder bronzer applied in a 3 shape from temples, under cheeks and along jawline.

Never one to stick to the same technique and products, I am intrigued by the new cream contouring products and extreme contouring.

Kimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouring

I’ve teamed with RY Australia to bring you my tips on cream contouring, using some of the latest and greatest products from the cult brands they stock.

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Kimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouring

Cream Contouring with RY Australia | products

Kimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouring

I’m sharing some rather silly looking photos of me halfway through my makeup application.  I’ll wait here whilst you laugh at my reindeer face!  Apologies for the bedhead too.

OK, now that you’ve stopped giggling, let’s get to it.

Cream Contouring | Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

First, I applied my skincare, primer and foundation.  You can apply concealer and powder before commencing contouring.  However, as I’ll be applying one of the contour shades as an undereye corrector, I will apply my concealer afterwards. I prefer to set with powder after contouring, especially when working with cream products on top of liquid foundation.

Next, taking my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit, with three contour shades and three highlight shades, it was time to let the cream contouring begin!

Kimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouring

Starting with the peach shade, I used my dampened Beautyblender Micro Mini to apply under the eyes to counteract dark circles.

Next, I applied the two light shades, using the Beautyblender Micro Mini.  Highlighting is about drawing light and attention to the areas of the face that you want to bring out

For me, these areas are down the bridge of my nose, my chin, the centre of the face around the nose and the brow.

Next, I applied the contouring shades, mixing and matching to create the right shade for the different areas of my face.  Contouring with darker shades is to create shadow on certain areas of your face.  This gives the visual effect of them receding so that the lighter areas appear more prominent.

The areas I contour are my temples, under my cheekbones, under my jawline and down the sides of my nose.  Using the other dampened Beautyblender Micro Mini, I used the pointed end to outline around my nose, and the rounded end to shade around my temples and under my jawline.

Using a combination of a buffing brush, and the Beautyblenders, I blend, blend, blend, and buff, buff, buff using small circular motions and a light touch to create the shadows and light effect of cream contouring.

The next steps in my look are undereye concealer, setting powder and blush for the face, followed by brow pencil, eyeshadow and mascara.

I tend to put my lipstick on last, but for these photos, bedhead, no brows and no lipstick would have been just too much to bear – or is that bare?

Cream Contouring | BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured

To complete the cream contouring look, you need a little shimmer highlight applied with a fairy light touch.

Kimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouring

I’ve long been a BECCA fan girl.  I think their brushes are some of the best I own.  I adore Beach Tint – it deserves the cult status.

But the BECCA product that owns Holy Grail status in my makeup kit is Shimmering Skin Perfector.  I loved the liquid format, until it was supplanted in my affections by the creamy pressed format.  I’m currently cheating on my SSP Pressed in Moonstone with the new SSP Poured – also in Moonstone.

It’s the prettiest pale gold shade and adds a lit from within glow to my skin.

Using the BECCA Extra Small Polishing Brush, I apply just a touch under my eyebrow, and along the top of my cheekbone.  A whisper more down the bridge of my nose, and on my cupid’s bow, and I’m done!

Cream Contouring | after

I’m sharing a variety of makeup looks – pretty in pink, bold, barely made up – but all using cream contouring.

The same techniques apply to powder contouring too.  However, with my 40 plus skin, I prefer the dewiness of cream products.

Contouring doesn’t have to make you look like a different person like some of the before and after shots you’ve seen on social media.  It’s just about making you look like a better version of yourself.
Kimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouringKimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouringKimba Likes cream contouring - using products from #kimbalikes #beautyduty #contouringHave you tried contouring?  Is cream contouring your thing or do you prefer to contour with powder products?

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  • Melinda - 14 October 2015 - 8.22 am

    Do you find the cream blends better than powder? I love a bit of contouring especially, as you said, for making a better version of yourself (rather than making you look like an entirely different person!)ReplyCancel

    • Kimba from Kimba Likes - 14 October 2015 - 9.47 am

      Some of the contouring looks are absolutely terrifiying! I love the cream products. Sometimes I set them with a little powder over the top, but the cream works really well on my skin. It’s easier to pick up a tiny amount of cream than a tiny amount of powder – which is preferable. Always easier to add than to take away!ReplyCancel

  • StyleOnV - 13 October 2015 - 3.15 pm

    I have just started cream contouring a few weeks ago and i love it for my dry skin.
    You look fabulous. V xReplyCancel

    • Kimba from Kimba Likes - 14 October 2015 - 9.48 am

      Thank you! I’d love to try the Australis one too, but I’m kinda stocked up on products for the moment!ReplyCancel

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