my daily skincare regime

my daily skincare regime

my daily skincare regime | Kimba Likes

I’m sharing my daily skincare regime. The routine I follow every morning and every evening to keep my skin healthy and happy, plus the products I most often reach for.  I’m 43 with combination skin.

I must be doing something right, as I recently had a skin review and was told to keep up the good work!  I had some oil in my T zone, and some slight dehydration on my cheeks.

The oily T zone is something that has happened in my 40s.  I was lucky enough to skip the years of teenage pimples, only to get adult hormonal acne thanks to my dodgy hormones.  It feels odd to have to deal with oil at this age, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it staves off forehead wrinkles!

I was aware I was experiencing some dehydration.  I had a chat a few months ago with one of the fabulous Mecca skincare specialists about this.  As we chatted, I realised that I had been concentrating on treating and protecting my skin, but had neglected to nourish it.  To my chemical exfoliation, facial treatment essence and sunscreen, I simply added a great daily moisturiser.  Yep, I’d kinda forgotten to just moisturise!  Doh!

As a beauty blogger, I receive products for trial and review purposes, so my actual products change from time to time.  My routine gets an occasional tweak too, but this is my current daily skincare regime.

Daily Skincare Regime | morning


In my morning shower, I cleanse my face using an hydroxy cleanser. It removes all the overnight moisturiser and the hydroxy helps to remove dull dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation.

Every second day or so, I use my Conair True Glow sonic cleansing brush.

current favourites | Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel $20 | ESK Hydroxy Cleanser* $45


Toner’s purpose used to be to restore the pH balance of the skin after cleansing.  Now it is used to prep the skin for serum and moisturiser products.  I have recently reintroduced this step to my daily skincare regime.

current favourites | Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner* $49 | Boots Laboratories Optiva Radiance Refresh Tonic* $14

treatment essence

I used to skip toner because I was using a treatment essence, and thought they were the same thing.  I recently read an article about K Beauty, and the 10 step Korean beauty regime, and discovered I was quite wrong.

Toner prepares the skin, and removes the last traces of makeup if you haven’t done a good double cleanse.

Treatment essence helps to refine the skin, boost radiance, gently exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

current favourites | Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence $69 | SK-II Facial Treatment Essence from $112


My name is Kimba and I’m a serum addict. I just adore the difference they make to my skin.  Serums are packed full of skin loving, anti-ageing antioxidant ingredients, and do some serious work for your skin.

current favourites | ESK Reverse C Serum* $95 | Darphin Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum from Mecca $77 | Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Rehydration Booster $30 | Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum $52

eye cream

The difference between 40 and 43 isn’t huge, but man, did it show up on my face! Specifically, under my eyes.  I’m not bothered at all by my crows feet because to me, they’re smile fans.  Every time I laugh, I get little fans on my face.  How cool is that?

What I don’t like is looking like I’ve got bruises under my eyes.  I don’t really get super puffy eyes, but I do experience dark circles and shadows.  Eye bags make you look like an old bag – and nobody wants that!

The solution is to start from the ground up.  Check out how I disguise my eye bags.  Makeup is important but a good eye cream routine is the best place to start.  Always use your ring finger to pat on your eye products on the orbital bone.  The ring finger is the best one to use as it is generally smoother than the overworked index finger.

current favourites | Darphin Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator $77 | Garnier Miracle Skin Eye Cream $19.99


Moisturiser is the essential step in your skincare routine – the one I forgot to use for a while! I figured that serums and BB creams would do the trick.  This led to some dehydration in my skin.  Now I include a good all round moisturiser that nourishes my skin.

current favourites | Skin Doctors Supermoist* $44.95 | Darphin Hydraskin Rich Cream $66

sun block

I finish my daily skincare regime with an SPF product.  Depending on what I’m doing, it will be an SPF moisturiser or a BB Cream or CC Cream.

SPF products are supposed to be worn close to the skin as the first layer, but I need the skin loving stuff on underneath.  I figure it’s a good compromise!

current favourites | IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ $58 | ELES Cosmetics Age Defying BB Cream SPF3 30 $52 | ESK Zinc Shade* $70 | Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen* 50+ $40

my daily skincare regime | Kimba Likes

Daily Skincare Regime | evening

remove makeup

I’m a believer in the double cleanse.  The first cleanse is to remove makeup and the second cleanse is to clean the skin.

I like to use micellar water on cotton pads.  Easy to use and gentle on the skin and eyes, and talk about effective!  Read about my introduction to using micellar water.

current favourite | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water $13.99


After my makeup is removed, I like to use a cream cleanser and facial cloth, or a facial wipe.

This helps to cleanse the skin properly, preparing it for night time treatment products.

current favourites | Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk $32 | Ole Hendriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloth Brightening $22 | Jane Iredale Magic Mitt $29


Two or three times a week, I like to add an extra exfoliation treatment step to my daily skincare regime.  I’ve moved on from facial scrubs, and my skin thanks me for it.  Using a chemical exfoliating product is just as effective, if not more so, and is much easier to use.  I use pre-moistened pads that are just wiped over the skin.  Once I’ve treated my face and neck, I wipe the remnants over the backs of my hands.

I am not a big fan of masque products, and only use them occasionally.  After my recent Dermalogica skincare review, I’ve added a masque to my routine twice a week.

current favourites | Radical Skincare Age Defying Exfoliating Pads $112 | Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque $51


As above, I apply a quick spritz of toner to my face and press it in with my hands.  Tip – buy a travel spray bottle from Priceline or your local chemist and use this to apply your toner.

treatment essence

As above, I apply a little treatment essence all over my face to prep my skin for serum. I’ve used the same spray bottle trick that I use for my toner for a quicker easier daily skincare regime.


Told you I was a serum addict.  I use a stepped up serum routine in the evening, as skin cell regeneration increases overnight.

current favourites | Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum* $59.99 | ESK Smooth Serum* $95


If there’s ever a time to use a moisturiser, it’s at night.  A beautifully rich night cream is not only fabulous for your skin, but it feels luxurious and comfortable on your skin.

current favourites | ESK Ultimate A Night Cream* $105 | Darphin Hydraskin Rich Cream $66

facial oil

Zoe Foster-Blake told us in Amazing Face (and the updated Amazinger Face) that “your face stops at your boobs” when it comes to your daily skincare regime.

A cheat’s way to look after the skin of your décolletage is to apply a facial oil right down to under your boobs.  I apply to my boobs too. The girls need some love too.

Applying an oil as the last step of your daily skincare regime is also a great way to lock in your expensive serum and moisturiser.

current favourites | The Chemistry Retin-Oil* $32 | RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil* $19.95

What does your daily skincare regime look like?

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  • Kat Shepsutt - 4 September 2016 - 7.48 pm

    Brilliantly detailed post Kimba – thanks for all the information. I would much rather buy skin care that someone else recommends than cold-purchasing, so this is really helpful. My routine is similar to yours- I learned a while back that skipping even one item from the routine makes a huge difference to the end result xxxReplyCancel

  • Jackie - Lipstick, Lattes & Lo - 29 August 2016 - 12.37 pm

    Sounds like a great skincare regime! So many people don’t realise how important good skincare is these days. – Jackie (Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins)ReplyCancel

  • Ingrid - 29 August 2016 - 12.33 pm

    What a comprehensive skin routine! You’re almost up to using 10 steps like the Korean skincare regimes.ReplyCancel

  • Grace - 26 August 2016 - 7.43 pm

    Oh, I am loving your diligence. And while we’re on the topic of skin care, do you have a beauty/facial therapist you can recommend? Someone maybe in the city or Surry Hills/Paddington area? Not sure if it’s all the sun exposure from the running but my skin could use some loving these days.ReplyCancel

  • Mystery Case - 25 August 2016 - 6.33 am

    Completely agree with Zoe Foster, in your face stops at your boobs. Wish I’d paid more attention to this when I was younger, although being sun smart has helped.ReplyCancel

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