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One of the things I love about social media is when I follow a link and find myself on Damn You Auto Correct, a hilarious collection of text exchanges with an epic auto correct fail as the common theme.



Totes funny – until I did it myself!

My bestie messaged me to see if I was still OK to collect her son after school.  No probs, I replied.  Except I didn’t.  No PROBES has quite the different spin to it.


The Welshman and I have fascinating daily conversations, mainly involving whispering sweet nothings to each other.  OK, I lie.  Well, perhaps I do, but I wouldn’t share that anyway!  We do, in fact, have daily chats about what needs to be hunter-gathered and who is in charge of this.  Just to make sure all members of the family are adequately fed and watered.  Recently, I read him my grocery list over the phone, and included bunny veg.  Later that day, I realised there was a bag of veg in the back of the crisper, so I texted him “Don’t worry about bed x”.  Hmmm.  Epic fail.  Lucky he’s very confident and didn’t take it the wrong way.  Damn You Auto Correct!

Who can forget the time the Welshman was in Brisbane for the weekend, and Boyo and I were having a sleepover.  I messaged the Welshman “We’re in bed warthog Ratatouille”.  Yes, got to watch out for those warthogs!

Have you had any Damn You Auto Correct moments?  Do tell!  I promise not to laugh (too loudly!).



  • Kate Mac - 6 September 2013 - 11.11 pm

    Love this app! Am reading some now as I settle baby back to sleep. Laughing so much it could take awhile… ReplyCancel

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