Doing the Dishes



Ever since our dishwasher went on the blink and we were too busy to organise to be at home for an entire day to wait for the repair man to turn up, in that convenient window of “between 9 and 5”, we’ve been washing our dishes by hand.  For months.

And we love it.

We will eventually get the dishwasher repaired – maybe over the Xmas holidays when we’ve got time to be at home?  But in the meantime, we’re quite enjoying doing the dishes.

  • The dishes are actually CLEAN.  With our (very expensive and good quality brand) dishwasher, we used to have to practically wash everything first and then wash it again afterwards.  We tried different tabs, dishwasher cleansers, vinegar in the rinse cycle … You name it, we tried it.
  • There is something (OK, a very small something) a little bit romantic about doing the dishes together and engaging in a little kitchen banter.  You know what they say about housework being an aphrodisiac?  When not performed by yourself, but your partner?  So works.
  • It is teaching Boyo responsibility and about family teamwork, and that not every chore you means you get paid.  Also saves me from washing AND drying AND putting away.  This is not to be underestimated.

I have no plans to give up my washing machine and launder by hand, nor do I particularly wish to cook over an open fire in the back garden, but a little technological fail is actually a good thing.  For our family.  For a while.

Now, who wants to dry?



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