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Meet my newest baby, the Dyson V6 Absolute.

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Not only it is sleek, efficient and well, sexy as hell, it makes me a better bunny mama, an even more fabulous wife AND is going to make me the best mother-in-law ever.

A tall order, huh? Let me tell you what I’m on about.

Kimba Likes my Dyson V6 Absolute - read on to find out why it's going to make me the best mother-in-law ever! #gifted #Dyson #kimbalikesDyson V6 Absolute | best mother-in-law ever

First, let’s talk about the mother-in-law business.

Let’s face it, everyone has a mother-in-law story. Even your mother-in-law has a story about her mother-in-law.  Whilst some of us are luckier than others in the mother-in-law department, no matter how fabulous you are, or she is, there is going to be some tension.  Your longstanding family traditions have to make way for their longstanding family traditions – plus the new family will want to make their own family traditions.

I’ve come up with a fabulously foolproof plan to make sure that I’m not one of “those” mother-in-laws.  I’m going to be the mother-in-law of awesomeness.  How am I going to accomplish this?  It all comes down to my Dyson V6!

You see, over the years of raising Boyo, I’ve been conscious that I’m not raising a boy.  I’m raising a man.  Boyo has grown up with his own father as an excellent example of how to be an all around awesome human being, with quite a few examples of what-not-to-do from his mother (that would be me).

When he falls in love and shacks up, my new daughter-in-law is going to be supremely grateful to me.  She is going to love the hell out of me.  Not just because I’ll be handing over all my vintage wardrobe treasures, but because after years of hard work and training, Boyo will make the perfect partner.

Kimba Likes Baby Boyo

perfect husband in training

He already came pre-loaded with his own sweet personality, and picked up the importance of good manners remarkably quickly.  One of our family stories is of an 18 month old Boyo asking for a treat.  It went a little something like this.

“Mama, bikket?”

“No, darling, you don’t need a biscuit.”

“Mama, bikket ta?”

“No biscuits, darling.”

“Mama, bikket pwease?”

“Darling, it’s not biscuit time.”

“Mama, I cute?”

Me, laughing, handing over a biscuit to my adorably cute toddler

To make him an even more awesome catch, we are adding valuable life skills.  His dad is teaching him how to cook.  I’m teaching him things like how to load the dishwasher correctly, how to do laundry to maximise cleanliness and minimise ironing, and how to clean up as he goes.  You know, the things all people should know how to do – but so many don’t!

Boyo has taken to the Dyson V6 with glee.  It looks more like a gaming device than a cleaning implement – it even has its own docking station.  It is super easy to use, is powerfully efficient and works like a dream.  Even better, it makes cleaning up fun.  So much fun that even tweens like to do it.  I know right?!

So, if you’re a young woman and you’ve moved in with a bloke who is not only a sweetheart, but who cooks and cleans, and to whom it doesn’t even occur not to treat you as an equal, whilst also treating you like a princess, wouldn’t you think his mother is pretty awesome?  See, forward planning for the win!

Kimba Likes my Dyson V6 Absolute. Read on to find out how I can get bunny snuggles and allergic husband snuggles #gifted #Dyson #kimbalikes

Dyson V6 Absolute | fabulous wife and bunny mama

The wife story is tied up with the bunny mama story – hop on in and I’ll tell you all about it.

Way back when Boyo was in preschool,  we worked and worked and worked on the Welshman until he consented and said yes to adopting a pet.  Boyo really wanted a dog but our back garden is too small.  I really wanted a cat but the Welshman is allergic.  We compromised on a bunny, and promptly discovered that the Welshman is also allergic to, you guessed it, rabbits!

Our plans of having a house rabbit were somewhat curtailed by this.  However, Bolt Bunny had other plans.  He wanted to come and hang out in the big hutch with the big people-shaped rabbits, so he chewed himself a bunny door in the screen door.  He would let himself in and out, leaving a trail of bunny fluff behind him.

The first purchase we made when we got all grown up and bought our house was a Dyson barrel cleaner.  14 years later, we have the same house – and our Dyson is still going strong too.  However, whilst the Dyson is the bomb dot com for weekly cleaning, it’s not the best for daily clean-as-you-go action. Lugging it up and down the stairs wasn’t very much fun.

When we adopted the Bunny Bros, Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon, we made the decision not to encourage them to come and visit in the house.  The fluff being the major issue.  We love the bunnies, but it’s not really fair on the Welshman to be sneezy in his own house.

Kimba Likes my Dyson V6 Absolute. Read on to find out how I can get bunny snuggles and allergic husband snuggles #gifted #Dyson #kimbalikes

the struggle is real, yo!

However, now that I’ve also adopted the Dyson V6, I’ve got a cunning plan.  A quick trip to the downstairs launtry / pandry (laundry-pantry combo – take your pick which word you prefer) to collect my Dyson V6, a quick whoosh around the floors, sofas and rugs, and before you know it, any fluffy bunny evidence is whisked away.  It’s a win win!

The Bunny Bros snuggle up with me and my laptop on the sofa during the day.  Later in the evening, it’s the Welshman’s turn to snuggle up with me – fluff and sneeze free!

Way to make me a fabulous Bunny Mama and wife in one easy swipe of my Dyson!

Kimba Likes my Dyson V6 Absolute - Read on to find out why it's going to make me the best mother-in-law ever! #gifted #Dyson #kimbalikes

Dyson V6 Absolute | the awesome details

  • Comes with two cleaner heads capable of dealing with spilt flour to dropped Cheerios, on carpets and hard floors
  • Direct-drive cleaner head
  • Small, light and powerful motor uses digital pulse technology and a special magnet to spin at up 110,000 times per minute
  • Fine dust is captured by the patented Dyson cyclone technology
  • HEPA filtration
  • A post-motor filter expels air that is cleaner than the air we breathe every day
  • The extension means you can clean from the floor to the ceiling
  • Converts to a handheld
  • The docking station stores and charges – handy!
  • Press-button bin emptying
  • Clever tools that can be stored on the docking station
  • Up to 20 minutes run time; or
  • 6 minutes of max mode for tough jobs
  • 2 year parts and labour guarantee
  • $899 for the Dyson V6 Absolute

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I received a Dyson V6 Absolute for trial and review purposes

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  • Jade @thyme and me - 2 October 2015 - 8.12 am

    Is it powerful enough as your only vacuum? We need a new vac and I’ve been considering this one because I think being cordless it would be so convenient. But I would only be able to justify the spend if it was my only vacuum. ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - 1 October 2015 - 8.16 pm

    I love my Dyson V6 too – it has been a total game changer and all three of my boys, especially the youngest (7 and 4) love using it and ACTUALLY INITIATE cleaning up their mess. Ah-mazing. xReplyCancel

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