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We were invited by Digital Parents Collective and The Natural Cordial Company to attend a preview screening of Epic in 3D.  It turned out to be a gloomy rainy Sunday – the perfect day for a family outing to the movies!  Walking the red carpet was kinda fun too.




Epic in 3D is a fairytale, based loosely on The Leaf Men and the Good Bugs by William Joyce, who also authored George Shrinks and A Day with Wilbur Robinson, which became the animated movie Meet the Robinsons.  William Joyce was also involved in the movie Robots, and created conceptual characters for Toy Story and A Bug’s Life.  The recent animated film Rise of the Guardians was based on his new 13 part children’s novel series, The Guardians of Childhood.  We are big William Joyce fans in the Kimba Likes household.  This bodes well for Epic!

MK is a 17 year old girl who returns to live with her eccentric scientist father following the death of her mother.  He has dedicated his life to finding a tribe of tiny people whom he believes live in the forest near his home.  MK is distraught that her father chooses to chase after his imagined tiny civilisation instead of having a heart to heart talk with her, and decides to leave.  However, first she must rescue their recalcitrant dog, who has escaped into the woods, where she comes across evidence that her father was right.  She meets the mortally wounded Tara, Queen of the Forest, who was struck by an arrow from the evil Boggans.  Queen Tara has selected her heir and with her dying act, magically shrinks MK and charges her with the safe delivery of the pod which will become the next Queen of the Forest.




MK teams up with Ronin, the leader of the Leafmen; Nod, an independent young solider; and Mub and Grub, the Felix and Oscar Odd Couple of the slug and snail variety, to fight against the evil darkness of the Boggans.  The Boggans are led by Mandrake, who wishes to gain control of the heiress pod and take over the forest.

Epic in 3D is a proper fairy tale, featuring an evil megalomaniac, selfless soldiers, a beautiful queen, unrequited love and the triumph of good over evil.  There’s young love, teenage rebellion, rivalry, death and destruction, and a rollicking dose of humour.

The imagery is gorgeous, and the 3D effects really do burst from the screen towards you, eliciting oohs and aahs from the more junior members of the audience (as well as a few of the more senior members too).  However, now that I need glasses to watch a movie, I’m not a fan of 3D movies.  Wearing 3D glasses over my spectacles is not cool.




As a family, we really enjoyed this movie.  There are two levels of humour, enough gross stuff to keep small boys happy, a kick butt girl hero who gets on with her own rescue, and lots of pretty pageantry to keep princess-obsessed girls happy.

The Welshman observed that although there were a lot of fight scenes, there was no blood spilled or chopped off limbs.

The target market is probably girls aged 7-11, but there’s enough action and adventure to hold the attention of boys around the same age.  There is an element of darkness to the movie, with death playing a major part of the plot.  Younger children may find this challenging – and their parents even more so, as they struggle to keep them quiet and entertained.




The movie would have benefited from a stronger hand in the editing suite – the scenes where we first meet Queen Tara did drag a little, although not as much as the train of the absolutely beautiful petal gown she is adorned in.  I kept thinking how I would love to see it recreated in fabric.

Strong points were the detail of the forest as it literally came to life, filled with creatures both good and evil.  I was also taken by the character of Queen Tara, voiced by Queen B, Beyonce herself.  It was a breath of fresh air to see a princess character who isn’t your typical English rose, although Queen Tara still had a rockin’ bod and handspan waist.

Amanda Seyfried does a great job of voicing MK, Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games is the rebellious Nod and Colin Farrell is Ronin, the leader of the Leaf Men, who sports a charming, if somewhat incongruous, Irish accent in the middle of an American forest.  Aziz Ansari and Chris O’Dowd are Mub and Grub respectively – they have the funniest lines, and get the most laughs from small children of the male variety.

Christoph Waltz continues his specialisation of evil characters as Mandrake, Chief Evil Dude of the Boggans, and Pitbull voices a double crossing bullfrog.  Steven Tyler kicks it out of the park as the caterpillar guru Nim Galuu.  MK’s dad is brought to life by Jason Sudeikis.


Movie Rating


We rate Epic in 3D seven out of ten, and would definitely recommend it for the upcoming school holidays, particularly for older primary school children.


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