Family Fun Day Sunday : Brunch and Luna Park


After a very rainy Saturday with cancelled skateboard lessons, drying laundry strung all over the house, cabin fever and an ever so slightly hungover Welshman, it was lovely to spend Sunday brunch with our friends-who-are-family, catching up after our respective summer holidays.  We went to the North Island of New Zealand, and they went to Western Australia.  We went to Western Australia on the first leg of our honeymoon, so it’s a pretty special place to us.

Look at this beautiful necklace they gave me as a bunny sitting present.  Isn’t it gorgeous.


Handcarved jarrah from the Fremantle Markets

Luna Park Sydney


Determined to enjoy the sunshine which unexpectedly popped up, we headed off in the late afternoon for a quick trip to Luna Park Sydney.  Keep an eye out for their amazing Xmas deal.  Annual passes are $99, which is excellent value, but the Xmas deal is two years for the price of one.  Unfortunately, Boyo’s pass had a printing error so we headed over to exchange it. Of course, my blokefolk couldn’t resist having a few rides, and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.  Luna Park is made for photographing – with the gorgeousness of Sydney Harbour, the towering apartment buildings, the vintage elements, and all the fun of the fair!


High kickin’ fun!


One slightly excited Boyo

Boyo styled himself today – UK surf brand (not an oxymoron) Saltrock tee, Target shorts, Converse socks and Ed Hardy trainers.  I wish to make it perfectly clear that the trainers, and very patriotic colour combination, had nothing to do with me.


An even more excited Boyo. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Boyo loves snuggly soft toys and he fell in love with this enormous puppy.  The Welshman is a good shot, luckily, and Golden is now a part of the family.


Rocking my plaid for Fabruary with Fox in Flats

I’m having so much fun participating in Fabruary with Fox in Flats.  Some of them are going to stump me – pony tail is a bit of a long shot for me – but it’s great fun!

I’m wearing Country Road chinos, Mox flats in Sherbet, Review plaid shirt for Fabruary Day 3 and woollen cardigan from the GAP.  Yes, woollen.  In February.  It’s just not right.


Boyo throwing devil horns on the scary ride!

Boyo has finally figured out his devil horns, thank the gods!  My work as a mother is nearly done.  Obvs.


Round and round and round they go …

I love how the city has grown up around this gorgeous piece of Sydney’s history.


Swan song

No trip to Luna Park is complete without a farewell ride on the vintage carousel.  Golden really enjoyed himself.  Please note that the Welshman is also participating in Fabruary – albeit completely coincidentally.

Hope your family fun day Sunday was as much fun as ours!


Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy:

As Kimba Likes is all about keeping it real, you can read the Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy here.  This is not a sponsored post.  Kimba Likes did not receive any form of payment or gift.  We just really love Luna Park and think the annual passes are a top investment in family fun, especially when you score two years for the price of one!  Never pay retail, baby!



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