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Kimba Likes Father's Day Ben & Jerry's after a walk in the sunshine, Manly BeachOh, we have just had the loveliest weekend!  All about the Welshman for Father’s Day.

It felt like such a long weekend – the Welshman was home early on Friday night.  Such a nice surprise!  Homemade pizza for Boyo and grilled salmon for us.

Saturday dawned cold and wet and miserable.  We had an impromptu dinner with friends when we discovered their Foxtel was down.  On a weekend when the All Blacks were  playing? We had to come to the rescue.

The Welshman's famous Sweet Cheeks Beef Cheeks for Father's Day 2014

The Welshman made his famous Sweet Cheeks Beef Cheeks, served with roasties and steamed green beans.  My Bestie poached some pears, served with crunchy lemon cookies and chocolate honeycomb vanilla ice cream.  How we had any room after devouring bowls of world famous in New Zealand Rashuns (like cheese and bacon Twisties but even betterer), and wedges of St Agur and Roaring Forties cheese, I shall never know.

The traditional Father’s Day breakfast in bed was served.  I even invented a new dish.  Necessity being the mother of invention and all that.  I scrambled some eggs, but did such a poor job that they really didn’t look very pretty.  Boyo was in charge of the smoked salmon and layered it thickly on top of the eggs.  Inspiration struck!  I fried another organic free range egg from a very happy hen and popped it on top of the smoked salmon. Et voila, a new culinary creation was born – the Egg Sandwich!

Boyo also made an extravagant secret ingredient sauce, served with some left over roasted potatoes, given a quick tzjush in the frying pan.

The Welshman received some lovely presents – and we didn’t even groan at his dad jokes.  The winner of the morning was when he opened his new Peter Alexander jersey drop crotch PJs to announce that they were very high waisted.  Ha!

A Star Wars t shirt, some hipster printed slim fit shorts, more chocolate than he strictly needed and new PJs.  No socks or jocks.  Not even a solitary tie.  The obligatory key ring and Dad mug from the Father’s Day stall had the ante upped by a very cool pressie – the insulated lunchbox / beer cooler.  Boom tish – what’s a Father’s Day post without a dad joke!

Kimba Likes Chocolate Bomb Cupcakes for Father's Day

Next up, a picnic in the back garden.  Delicious duck pancakes – did you know you can buy a DIY kit from the supermarket?  Good old English pork pies with proper English mustard.  We had planned to serve Eton mess – but decided at the last minute to make chocolate bomb cupcakes.  Almost no sugar, but lots and lots of butter and really good quality Dutch cocoa combined to make a really moist and rich bitter chocolate mouth explosion!

Kimba Likes Latte Love for Father's Day

A post prandial snooze on the sofa with the weekend papers followed – as is essential for Father’s Day daddies, don’t you agree?

Kimba Likes Father's Day, Manly BeachKimba Likes Father's Day Manly Beach, Sydney

Although the weather had threatened to be quite grim – hence our back garden picnic plans – the sun came out and the afternoon was just delightful.  We headed over to Fairy Bower at Shelly Beach and took a little wander into Manly.  Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was essential, obvs!

Kimba Likes Father's Day walks in the sunshine with the Blokefolk

Home for a family DVD, and homemade fish & chips for dinner.  Plus a lovely chat with my Dad.

Oh and the pressies?  Well, the Welshman wore his salmon pink shorts and Star Wars tee all day.  He’s very politely asked me to return his pyjama pants.  Apparently a drop crotch is just a tad too hipster for him!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!


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