Feeling Grateful

Kimba Likes feeling grateful and I am sharing why it feels great! #kimbalikes #grateful #blessed #wordstoliveby

This post was written at the end of October 2015

I’m so grateful. Grateful that I’m kicking it a week post op. Grateful that I’m getting told off for kicking it a week post op.

I’m grateful for the luxury of being able to recuperate without worrying about being able to pay the bills.

Grateful for the love of a man who makes me laugh and drool and cry. Who is just perfect – for me. Grateful to be loved like this.

I’m feeling grateful for the awesome human being we created. Smart, funny, empathetic and so goodlookin’. I’m grateful for the beautiful relationship we have.

Grateful to be able to afford the private health care that saw me treated by one of the top 5 doctors in this country who does this specialised surgery.

Grateful for the freezer full of food in our house that the Welshman cooked.

Grateful for the freezer full of food in our garage that the Welshman’s mate from work cooked. Kimba friendly food. (It made me cry).

Grateful to have found a GP who listened. Who put two and two together and saw a simple solution. Who didn’t write me off. Who recommended me to the best specialist I’ve ever had in my long and chequered health history.

I’m grateful to the friends who have rallied and bombarded me with messages of support, presents to cheer me up, kid pickups and just been there with sushi and tea and the rest.  Grateful for the opportunity to see who my real friends are.

Kimba Likes feeling grateful and I am sharing why it feels great! #kimbalikes #grateful #blessed #wordstoliveby

I’m grateful (and happily surprised) by the lovely gifts I’ve received from Viva La Body (a beautiful vintage kimono and velvet sleeping mask), Ruby & Lilli (a gorgeously soft and comfy Dream Believe Achieve T shirt), Shabby Sisters (an extra special discount on some comfily stylish pants) and Bella Bodies (a bamboo slip which I’ve been wearing to help support my tummy post op – their Bamboo soft bras and knickers have been my daily go tos).

Mostly, I’m just grateful to be here and to be so close to a pain free life. A whole new life.

What are you feeling grateful for?

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