The Festival of Kimba 43

The Festival of Kimba 43

The Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba Likes

Oh, I do like a birthday festival! Especially when it’s mine.  Funny that!  The Festival of Kimba was a pretty special one.

It started with breakfast in bed – smoked salmon scramble on my gluten free toast, topped with fresh basil.  Next up, a pile of lovely pressies, including a Little Blue Box.  We do love a Little Blue Box, don’t we.

The Tiffany & Co box was inside a Tiffany & Co bag, which was in turn inside a white paper bag, which was wrapped in shiny foil paper.  When I opened the second layer and saw that beautiful blue, I leapt to a rather unfortunate conclusion.  That the Blokefolk were playing a trick on me, and had borrowed one of my Tiffany bags!

It was, in fact, a delicately pretty Infinity bracelet to replace my much lamented Elsa Peretti Open Heart bangle that died last year.  It was a 30th birthday present, and the double hearts represented the two teensy twins in my tummy.  I was mere weeks pregnant, which was really all I’d wanted for my birthday.

Sadly, one of the twins was lost in the first trimester.  Boyo chose the infinity symbol to represent the love the Welshman and I share.  Haven’t we raised a gorgeous boy!

Next up, a glamorous makeup session at Mecca Cosmetica Balmain.  Oh, how I love having my makeup done!  I treated myself to a Chantecaille lipstick, Lip Stick in Lotus, a luxe velvety plum.

The Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba Likes

All made up and dressed up, we headed off for the next stage – a romantic lunch for two at Chiswick at the Gallery.

Festival of Kimba | what we ate

The Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba Likes

The Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba Likes

The Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba Likes

My delicious cocktail was followed by an equally delicious bottle of French Chablis.  My free range pork was obviously once a very happy pig because it was absolutely delicious. I had to ignore all my food intolerances and go for dessert.  I mean, it was the Festival of Kimba after all.

The description was “chocolate mousse, pistachio, orange”.  Look, it’s not incorrect but what I received? So much more than that.  It’s a current restaurant trend and it drives me bonkers.  I’m not the only one.  Terry Durack had me nodding along with his weekend column.

We headed off to the Archibald exhibition next. It’s my favourite annual exhibitions.

Festival of Kimba | what I wore

The Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba LikesThe Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba LikesThe Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba LikesThe Festival of Kimba 43 | Kimba Likes

Obviously, I had to wear my birthday presents!  My sterling silver Tiffany & Co bracelet and my Mimco rose gold earrings worked back with my platinum pavé diamond heart necklace, a special gift from the Welshman when we were first dating (I thought it was sterling silver and zirconia and couldn’t have loved it more) and RumbaTime watch, gifted from Shopbop.

Comfort is always key, but chic comes into consideration too.  I teamed my Harlow Dreammaker Sweater Dress with 17 Sundays coated leggings, and low cut Senso textured ankle boots.

Later that day, Boyo and I made gluten free chocolate fudge brownies.  Because if you can’t have chocolate for breakfast, cocktails and dessert with lunch, and dessert for dinner on your birthday, when can you?

The Festival of Kimba 43? A resounding success!

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