The Finders Keepers Markets with the Gorgeous Girls

Finders Keepers 2Oh, I had a fabulous Saturday afternoon excursion with my besties, the Gorgeous Girls, and their Delightful Daughters, when we hit The Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney recently.

Finders Keepers 4

Despite a short side trip to the, um, wrong venue, we finally made it to Finders Keepers.  A veritable cornucopia of handmade artisan gorgeousness.  So much cute and wittiness and whimsy I actually got overwhelmed!Finders Keepers 3Funnily enough, bunnies, retro cute inspired jewellery and hair accessories featured quite heavily in my list of favourites!  It was delightful meeting in person some of the gorgeous designers that I follow on Instagram – fellow crazy bunny ladies like Kirbee Lawler and Kelly White from The Storybook Rabbit.  Meeting some new favourites was also lovely, like Anne from Pleasure, Little Treasure, and Jodie from Whiskers Lane.Finders Keepers 1Held at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, Sydney, this year’s Finders Keepers was bigger and better than ever. Live music, delicious treats from a variety of food trucks and wall to wall hipsters.  Even fresh fairy floss from Frankie magazine, with the cutest little vintage caravan.

Days of August Windsor

It was like Etsy and Made It and Storenvy and Pinterest and Instagram come to life!  All the lovely things that I ooh and aah over on my screen were in front of me, where I could touch them and see them and play with them.

At the very last moment, I chanced upon Days of August and their entrancing upcycled ties.  I couldn’t resist a retro wide woven tie restyled into their Windsor design.  I’m wearing it as a head piece here.

Finders Keepers 5

What else did I treat myself to?  Why, how nice of you to ask!

I love Finders Keepers.  Just love it.  I absolutely adore soaking myself in all that creativity, and admiring all the artistic flair on display.  But you know what my favourite part was?  Apart from my gorgeous new treats, of course.  It was spending the afternoon with the Gorgeous Girls and the Delightful Daughters.  I luff them.

Has Finders Keepers come to your town?  Grab your besties and hotfoot it to the next one!

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