Flashback Friday : First Family Xmas




As two expats, our Xmas celebrations had always involved fellow festive orphans and the beach and a full roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings and far too much alcohol.

The Xmas I was pregnant with Puggle, who later became our Boyo, was one of the hottest on record.  Not good at 6 months pregnant with the oven and barbecue blasting all day long.  We spent the day with friends-who-are-family, which was their last Xmas before they moved back to old Blighty.

The following year, with a baby Boyo in tow, we decided to head off for a destination Xmas.  We went to Tasmania, where we spent some time exploring Hobart, then headed off to Moorilla Estate to stay in their gorgeous new accommodation.  Very modern and gorgeous with lots of levels and glass and open staircases and bloody terrifying with an about-to-walk-any-minute-now 8 month old baby Boyo. He’d already been cruising the furniture for about 6 weeks!



Next stop was Cradle Mountain Lodge for our first family Xmas.  It was absolutely freezing and we actually got snow!  In Australia.  In December.  It was on Boxing Day and only for a few moments, but was oh so magical.

I had carried a special jar of organic baby food for Boyo all the way from Sydney for his Xmas dinner.  Turns out he wasn’t a fan.  He projectile vomited a stream of partially digested ham and carrots all over the very glamorous Xmas lunch dinner restaurant.  Oops.

We next spent a few days in Launceston, that most pretty of cities.



Yes, there really are three Santa photos.  On three separate occasions, which means three separate queues.  With three extremely dodgy looking Santas.  How hard is it to look at the camera, dude? And I don’t mean my baby!

How did you spend your first Xmas as a family?




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