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Have you noticed all the pretty floral hair accessories in the shops lately?  Did you think that you are far too old to wear them?  That they’re only designed to be worn by teenagers to music festivals?  I say if you like something, then you should wear it, regardless of rules.  Let’s smash the fashion rules!

I am undoubtedly far too old to be wearing hairbows, but I wear one several times a week.  Floral crowns?  Definitely too old.  However, I love them so I shall be wearing them.  And you can too.  Introducing my guide on How to Wear Ridiculous Things on Your Head when you’re not a Teenager at a Music Festival!


Floral Crowns | Wearing


floral crowns

Clockwise | Pink Floral Crown from Forever 21 | Pink and Purple Floral Crown from Sneaky Peek Blog | White Floral Crown from Target | Pink Floral Crown from Forever 21 worn across the forehead | Berry Floral Crown gifted from ELES Cosmetics


Whimsical, pretty and completely over the top. What’s not to love about floral crowns?  As a well known hairbow aficionado, I’ve embraced the floral crown with gusto.

I have to admit, even I took a deep breath the first time I wore one in public.  The Welshman isn’t a huge fan, it must be said, but when did I let that stop me?  I asked him if it was too much.  His answer?  No more than usual!

You do run the risk of looking like an 80s bride – just avoid white roses and baby’s breath to stay on the safe side.  Stay away from veils and full length ivory dresses too.

Floral crowns come in a scattered flower circlet style – similar to little girls’ fairy dress ups – and these don’t really work on me.  Flowing locks with a side part works best with this look.  On the right person, it is a gorgeous look.

The other styles are the traditional headband with flowers affixed to the top of the headband, and an elasticated softer version.

Wear them on the top of your head with your hair pulled back or with your fringe framing your face.  Also try wearing floral crowns forward on your hairline.  To achieve this look with elasticated floral crowns, either wear it over the top of your hair, or pull the back of your hair over the elastic to disguise the band.

Floral crowns are a fun way to pretty up an outfit.  Whilst they work fabulously for spring racing, summer weddings and Christmas parties, don’t discard the idea of wearing them every day.  Why shouldn’t you wear flowers in your hair to do the grocery shopping?

I love to wear hair accessories.  That’s how I manage to not wash my hair every day – the judicious use of floral crowns, hairbows and head scarves disguise bedhead – and they’re tops for dissembling a bit of regrowth too!

The other thing you need as a wearer of floral crowns is a healthy dose of confidence.  People will stop you in the street and tell you how lovely you look.  Little girls will whisper loudly “Mummy, there’s a princess”.  Shop assistants will ask if you’re going to a wedding.  Less polite people may think you’re bonkers.  If you dress for yourself, as we should whenever we can, then you won’t mind at all, because you know that wearing floral crowns is a fab way of expressing your individuality.  Plus, of course, you’re wearing flowers in your hair!


Floral Crowns | Let’s Go Shopping


If you’d like to join me in the Floral Crowns Club, then let’s go shopping!


floral crowns


  1. Rock ‘n’ Rose Oversized Floral Crown Head Band from ASOS  | $50.83 on sale | click here to purchase
  2. 1&20 Blackbirds Flower Head Piece from The Iconic | $19.95 | click here to purchase
  3. Morgan & Taylor Flower Headband from The Iconic | $29.96 on sale | click here to purchase
  4. Rock ‘n’ Rose Annie Oversized Floral Crown Head Band from ASOS | $36.04 | click here to purchase
  5. Glassons Flower Head Piece | $19.95 | click here to purchase
  6. Showpony Mahalo Headband in Pink Orange | $20 | click  here to purchase
  7. Showpony Poisonberry Headband in Purple Floral | $20 | click here to purchase
  8. Showpony Fantasia Headband in Cream Floral | $20 | click here to purchase
  9. Showpony Grapevine Headband in Purple Floral | $20 | click here to purchase
  10. Rock ‘n’ Rose Penelope Oversized White Floral Crown Head Band from ASOS | $46.21 on sale | click here to purchase
  11. ASOS Tulip Hair Crown from ASOS | $8.32 on sale | click here to purchase


Any of these pretties take your fancy?  I’d love to see photos if you decide to take the Floral Crowns plunge!  Tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  I’m @kimbalikes and I’d love to see your pictures!


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  • Photographs copyright Kim-Marie Williams

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  • Vanessa from StyleandShenanigans.com - 21 May 2014 - 8.29 pm

    Love this post – you have such a clever turn of phrase. I love your fashion philosophy too. The floral crown looks fab on you and glad you are going with that! xReplyCancel

  • Lisa Mckenzie - 9 December 2013 - 2.32 pm

    I think they are very pretty and you rock them Kim-Marie but i think i would look like an aging bridesmaid or like i had the Christmas wreath on my head!ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 9 December 2013 - 4.53 pm

      I probably look like that too, but I’m wearing them anyway!ReplyCancel

      • Lisa Mckenzie - 11 December 2013 - 9.14 am

        Yes but Kim-Marie you look good with a crown on your head xReplyCancel

  • Sonia - 9 December 2013 - 1.27 pm

    I happen to think floral crowns are the sweetest accessory to have hit the style radar in recent times. I don’t own one, but seeing you rock them has inspired the flower child in me, Kim-Marie!ReplyCancel

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