Fox in Flats Red Lipstick Dare 2012


There is no way Andrea from Fox in Flats is going to get to call me a chicken for failing the Red Lipstick Dare Round 2.  I didn’t do so well with the 2011 Red Lipstick Dare – a little matter of being ill with flu and looking far too hideous to consider sharing my photographs.

I started a little bit late, but I did it!  Seven whole days, an entire week, of siren lips!  Here’s the evidence.  Yay, I made it!

Day 1 – Love Australis Make a Wish

Day 2 – Kate Moss for Rimmel Rosetto

Day 3 – Napoleon Perdis Nude Rose lipgloss

Day 4 – Napoleon Perdis Nude Rose lipgloss

Day 5 – Napoleon Perdis Nude Rose lipgloss

Day 6 – MAC Russian Red

Day 7 – MAC Russian Red

I have to confess that it took me more than a week to complete the Red Lipstick Dare.  There was the little matter of a hangover on Sunday.  I tried a red lipstick but I’m afraid it made me look like a zombie, so under no circumstances was I sharing those photos!

But I did do it!  A whole week of a bold red lip.  And I loved it!

Thanks for the dare, Andrea, and the opportunity to shake up my makeup routine.   What I’ve learnt from my week of a bold red lip is that lipstick throws pink on me, no matter how red it appears in the tube.  A blue based matte red lip suits my retro cute look and makes my teeth look whiter.  It is far easier to do a muted eye and whack on a bold red lip when you’re running late than fiddle about with layered eyeshadows and liners.

I’ve learnt that I can do a casual red lip with orange skinny jeans, a rock chick date night red lip with smokey eyes, and a ladylike red lip for the office.  I’ve gardened, worked, walked, exercised, shopped, laundered, partied, danced, cooked and  done myriad other activities in my red lipstick.  I did learn, however, that eating isn’t easy peasy lemon squeezy with a bold red lip, but a little ladylike attention to your pout works a treat.  Or I could just eat less.  Nah, that would never work.

I had so much fun with the Fox in Flats Red Lipstick Dare 2012 that I’m adding a red lip to my makeup regime more often.  Love your work, Andrea!


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