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Oh no!  The July school holidays are nearly over.  Back to school on Tuesday.  I’m going to miss my little dude with ‘tude.  Spunkiness of attitude, rather than ‘tude of rude.  He’s a charmer, this one.  Well, a charmer with an addiction to fart and poo jokes, that is.  He is 9 after all.

Another Week of Wonderful rather than a one off Friday Frivolity.  Again.  I’m going to miss the lazy starts to the day when we’re back in school mode.  Much nagging will commence next week – homework, shoes, socks, uniform, lunch packed, teeth brushed, yes it is cold enough to wear a sweatshirt …

This week has seen much Wild Orange Froyo consumed.  The Evil Clown, with his clever McMarketing, received a visit.  We got McHappy and a skateboarding Minion toy.  I’m trying to “borrow” it for my desk.  I have learnt far more about Minecraft than I ever thought possible.  I have promptly forgotten most of it too.

There have been pyjama days, sushi lunches and a day long playdate with one of Boyo’s little mates.  A day of sheer little dude delight – DS, Wii, Subway lunch, Monsters University movie, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, more Wii (I totally kicked butt in Just Dance – just sayin’), then dinner at Satasia, followed by more Wild Orange froyo.  One day.  I know right?  How awesome is that!

Click here for our Monsters University movie review – it was our holiday pick!  We also saw Horrible Histories Live On Stage Awful Egyptians in the weekend.  Click here for our rave review.  Loved it!



We also scheduled the school holiday emergency de-mulletting. Boyo absolutely loves hanging out at Stevie English Hair and immediately assumes the pose post ‘do for his Instagram shot!  Boyo has my hair, minus the curl.  Fine hair but shedloads of it and it grows like topsy.  When it’s not filled with hair chalk, he really does have the most beautiful ashy blonde hair colour.  I covet it immensely.

I go on about them but we really do love Stevie English Hair.  Today was like catching up with friends – we patted Indii (short for Indolent, I’m sure), the resident puppycat, cooed over a baby, had a hot chocolate and a chat, and a boogie with a funky toddler with cool kicks and even cooler moves.  Boyo was in the safe hands of Jyle Spice (whom I discovered has now met three Spice Girls, making him a legitimate Spice Boy – boom tish!).  Such a lovely place and they absolutely totally kick hair butt too – ewwww, that sounds so very wrong, but you get the gist!

We’re having lunch with the Welshman on the almost last day of school holidays – conveniently located near IKEA.  Friday’s Kimba Likes Daily Treats may just feature a 50c ice cream, or perhaps some must have new storage implements.  There’s always something you need in IKEA!

Current plans for the weekend involve, well, um, let me think … nope.  Got nothing.  Oh, I know.  Croissants for brekkie on Sunday.  Bastille Day, of course.  The Welshman has got actual ‘flu.  Not man ‘flu.  Nope.  It’s the real deal.  How do I know?  I’ve got it too.  Luckily, Boyo is always up for a relaxing day or two.  Handy really.

What do your weekend plans involve?  Inspire me! x


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  • Lisa Mckenzie - 12 July 2013 - 1.26 pm

    Well I just want to say your little man is a really cool dude ,love his new do,he reminds me of my son when he was younger,not that he isn’t cool now because he is but always had way cool hairdo’s could not have the same as everyone else and I applaud that individuality I love kids that know their style.
    My weekend will be about relaxing too,Hubby has a bad tear in his shoulder and I had a fall last week and hurt my back and my leg so a little sittinng in the sun and reading and maybe some craft and a movie or two. I’m not sure yet.I hope you and your man get better soon xxReplyCancel

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