Friday Frivolity : Boyo Style


Friday Frivolity



It’s Friday Friday Friday!  Our Friday night plans involve watching Super 15 rugby, my Crusaders vs Boyo’s Waratahs, the traditional Friday night fare of pizza and sadly not the Finders Keepers Markets for me, as I’m still sick as a dog.  I’m fighting the good fight with antibiotics, Vicks, Fess nasal baths and Turbohaler to help prevent me coughing myself into pieces.  Nothing says Friday Frivolity more than falling asleep on the sofa, accompanied by the gentle wafting of unadulterated Vicks and 47 tissues.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

Which segues extremely smoothly (um, not) into this week’s jovial jokes from Boyo.  More old school classics here!


JOKE 2 315


JOKE 1 315


On Saturday, if I am not coughing up a lung, I’ll head off to Finders Keepers.  We’d love to go and check out Vivid on Saturday night, if the rain holds off.  I might disgrace myself by wearing a ski jacket and balaclava.  On Sunday, we’re attending a preview of Epic, courtesy of Digital Parents Collective and The Natural Cordial Company.  How lucky is that?




Have a great weekend! 



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