Friday Frivolity : Boyo Style


Friday Frivolity


Oh goodie goodie gumdrops!  Not only is it Friday, Friday, Friday, but it’s a long weekend too!  Yippeeee!

I’m having coffee and cake with the lovely Amanda from Borne Naked today – what a lovely way to kick off the weekend!

Friday night will be a duplicate of pretty much every Friday night we have – pizza, sofa snuggles, Super 15 rugby and DVDs with Mama and Boyo.  Boyo is a creature of habit.  The Welshman will be networking on Friday night.  This may involve beer.

On Saturday, I’m working at the fabulous Mint Condition in Rozelle.  Pop in and say hi if you’re in the area!  The Welshman and Boyo are heading off to Manly for skateboard lessons, then having a boy’s night out to check out the goings on at Vivid.  I’m still sick so I’m sitting this one out – literally.  I’ve already marked my spot on the sofa!

Sunday finds us hosting friends-who-are-family for a barbecue lunch and very possibly a Wii / DS / iDevice / movie screenfest for the iKids.

On Monday?  Who knows?  We have absolutely no plans.  At all.  I can’t wait!  Just the three of us hanging out together. There may be ice cream.

Now for the bit I know you’ve all been waiting all week for – Boyo Style Old School Kid Jokes!


Joke 2



Joke 1


Have a great LOOOOOOONG weekend! 



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