Friday Frivolity | Boyo Style


A super duper special Friday Frivolity today!  Not only is a Friday with a weekend stretching before us like a sailor’s siren reclining upon a rocky islet, it is the last Friday of Term 2 of the school year.  Yup, school hols!  Or school holidays for those who prefer a less Blyton-esque term.

Our Friday Frivolity started early this week with Wild Orange froyo, complete with delicioso toppings, for Boyo and I on Thursday night.  Dessert before dinner – now that’s a party!  As Boyo says, “let’s party ’til we’re purple!”

The Welshman was away on business and as Boyo and I were both exhaustipated, we piled into my bed at 6.30 pm to watch Ratatouille and have a lovely snuggle.  So exhaustipated was I that when we decreed it was bedtime for Boyo and he rolled over and went to sleep … a few minutes later , so did I!

Friday Frivolity got off to a roaring start with a Mama-Boyo cafe breakfast date, and Pyjama Day at school.  So many onesies.  Dear gods.  I do not get it!

The Welshman’s meeting finished hours early on Friday morning, so he was able to catch an earlier flight, and surprise Boyo by picking him up from school.  Another round of Wild Orange froyo to celebrate an excellent school report and the last day of Term 2?  Don’t mind if we do!



On Saturday, it’s time for Xmas.  Yup, I’m serious.  No, I’m not delusional.  Mid Winter Xmas, silly!  Some very good friends are coming over for Xmas lunch.  We have turkey, pigs in blankets, decorations, presents, crackers and very possibly far too many bottles of wine.  Any excuse to have fun with friends.  We shall miss these friends very much, as they’re coming to the end of their gap year in Australia and will return to England in early August.  Very sadly, missing my Big Four Oh My Gods party.

Plans for Sunday?  Nothing.  Nothing at all!  Just the way we like it.

Our school holiday plans are a little laidback this time.  Boyo has some friends coming over during the holidays.  We’re hoping to do some skateboard lessons if it ever stops raining.  This feels terribly unlikely at the moment.  There will also be a haircut for Boyo, who is currently sporting a bit of a bouffant.



Why so laidback?  We’re off to LA in September as part of the Festival of Kimba Big Four Oh My Gods Extravaganza, when we will no doubt party ’til we’re purple again.  There may be some shop til I drop action.  There’s absolutely a trip to Disneyland – Boyo’s birthday treat for me.  There’s absolutely a trip to Tiffany & Co – the Welshman’s birthday treat for me.  It’s a tough life but I guess someone has to do it.

Do you look forward to school holidays too?  They seemed to last forever when I was kid but seem to flash by remarkably quickly now.

T w i t t e r
F r e s h   P o s t s
I n s t a g r a m
P i n t e r e s t