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Friday Frivolity time again and yea verily, we are amping up the frivolity this weekend!  It is Mama and Boyo time.  As Boyo says, it is Party! Party! Party!  He is apparently under the misconception that I’m a softer touch than his Dad, perhaps.  I am probably am, come to think of it.

The Welshman is heading off to Brisbane this weekend, to be wined and dined as a corporate guest for the first British Lions test match.  That’s rugby union, the game they play in heaven, for the uninitiated.

Boyo and I will be following our timeworn tradition of Friday nights, as decreed by the Gods, with a guest star appearance by the Welshman who is foregoing his usual Friday Frivolity, aka after work drinks.  Pizza, movies, sofa snuggles … it’s all good.

We’re baching it this weekend!  On Saturday, we’re footloose and fancy free.  So far, our only plan is to see Monsters University at the movie theatre with the good ice cream.  That’s Ben & Jerry’s, for the uninitiated.

It hasn’t occurred to Boyo yet, but I am anticipating a sleepover on Saturday night.  I don’t know how he manages it, but he takes up more room than the Welshman. Boyo was very keen to have a sleepover with me a few weeks ago, but as this involved me and a top bunk with a low ceiling, I declined.  Instead, we sent the Welshman to Boyo’s bottom bunk after his boy’s night out, whilst Boyo and I watched Men in Black in my bed and had a sleepover.

Bless him, Boyo was a little bit shocked about the rude swearwords in Men in Black and, at one point, exclaimed “Mum! They said the C word!”.  Panic ensued as I frantically replayed the dialogue in my head.  Then had to frantically suppress giggles as he then said “Yes! It was C R A P!”.  May the gods bless the innocence of youth.

No plans for Sunday either – that’s the way we like it!


There’s a change of scene for this week’s Friday Frivolity – Boyo has written a little review of a Minecraft iDevice app for you.  Not heard of Minecraft yet?  Just thank your lucky stars!  Minecraft is the main topic of conversation in our house – when we’re not discussing Pokemon or Clash of Clans or Mario Kart, that is.  Minecraft has many devoted fans, including those who have recorded their very own interpretation of lots of popular songs.  I realise how sad my life is when I recognise a song on the radio because I’ve heard it so many times on YouTube, and find myself singing along with the Minecraft lyrics.



Minecraft App Review | Boyo Style

Minecraft is an adventure game, where you  have to survive by building a home, armour and weapons to defend yourself.  You start off with nothing, and have to make a crafting table so you can craft stuff to help you survive in the game.  My Dad says Minecraft is like a game version of playing with LEGO.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is really good because you can get every type of animal that is in the computer version of Minecraft.  Minecraft Pocket Edition is $7.49 on the App Store, but it is worth it because you can play it on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.  You can play it when your Mum and Dad are doing boring things like shopping.

I would recommend this game for kids aged 7 and up, especially if they like building, using strategy and destroying stuff!





Hope you have a fantabulous weekend! x


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