Friday Frivolity : Bunny Style




Oh happy happy day!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and flights of angels are trilling in unison!  Bolt Bunny aka Monsieur Lapin aka Princess Fluffybum, the bunny rabbit who is world famous in the Inner West, has made a miraculous recovery!

Bolt was at death’s door on Wednesday evening, when I found him hypothermic and in a state of paralysis in the back garden.  I chafed him in a towel to get his circulation going in an effort to warm him.  The Welshman arrived home as we were dashing to the vet.  He saved Bolt’s life by telling me to kangaroo care for Bolt.  I popped him down my top and then swathed myself in blankets, as the Welshman drove us with the heat turned up to sweltering.

We said goodbye to him as we were not expecting him to last the night.  The vet rang later that evening to advise that they thought he had suffered a stroke as he had neurological symptoms like reduced movement and twitching.

When I visited him the following morning, he had lost a fifth of his bodyweight, and was refusing food.  He was receiving nutrition via syringe feeding.  I managed to get him to eat two mint leaves and when I put him on the ground, in the hopes I could collect some urine for a test, he put his paws on my knees and tried to hop back into my lap.  I gave him a boost, and he snuggled in and tucked his head under my hand.  The little snuggle bunny!

By the evening, he was still refusing to eat and still hadn’t pooed, so he was put on a drip, given further medication and stayed another night in hospital.  This is the position we were in when I posted this morning.  I was too scared to ring in the morning in case there was bad news.  I had anticipated having to take Boyo out of school to go and farewell him.

Imagine my joy and and delight when I received a phone call telling me that Bolt had made a miraculous recovery overnight – eating and pooing like a little champion!  He’s covered in bald patches from needle sites, but is just so happy to be home with his BFF Mr Bunsy.  They’re very happily snuggling in the sunshine.

Our family is now complete again with two fluffy little bunnies hopping around the garden.  Can’t wait to collect Boyo after school today!

I am absolutely having a fabulous Friday now – I do so hope you all have one too! xx



It’s Friday Frivolity time but we’re not feeling terribly frivolous in the Kimba Likes household this morning.  Mr Bunsy is moping around the garden as much as I am moping around the house with Mr Bunsy’s BFF Bolt aka Monsieur Lapin aka Princess Fluffybum still in hospital.  Paws are crossed.



Boyo and I cheered each other up this morning by having some fun with PicMonkey.  I take very little responsibility for the PicMonkeyed image – I was just following instructions.  As you do.  It’s why we had children after all.  Isn’t it?

I tried to break tradition by talking Boyo into nachos for dinner tonight – until he realised it was Friday and that means pizza on the sofa.  This is Unchangeable.  Written in Stone.  Apparently.



Can’t wait to see Monsters University on Saturday morning with my blokefolk.  Love a sneak preview!

That is our only plan for the weekend.  Isn’t that fabulous.  A snuggly weekend indoors might be just what the vet ordered.

I’m predicting rugby viewing – ’tis the season after all – and many delicious things to eat.  Comfort food is going to feature heavily on the menu.  As will comfort.  Sofa snuggles – just love ’em.



I hope you have a lovely weekend.  I also hope to be able to bring you some happy Bolt news.  Paws well and truly crossed.


  • Lisa Mckenzie - 15 June 2013 - 2.02 pm

    I am so so pleased your bunny made a dramatic recovery I was a little scared for you in fact a lot scared ,as I know how these things can go either way! but I am so glad that it went the right way for your little bunny may he live a long and happy life with you and boyo and the Welshman.Have a lovely weekend as well you deserve it after all that worrying.ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 15 June 2013 - 5.39 pm

      Thank you my love. I was absolutely distraught on Thursday. I honestly thought on Friday morning that I would be taking Boyo to say goodbye. Instead we brought him home! Yippeee! xxReplyCancel

  • mumabulous - 14 June 2013 - 9.48 am

    Its pizza night in Chez Abs too and we are doing a Monsters U movie party for P1’s 6th birthday. I don’t know who is more excited – me or the girls. 😉ReplyCancel

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