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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!  Friday Frivolity time again and Boyo and I are sharing some bunny tales, and looking forward to our Sydney Staycation at the Swissotel.



We desperately miss our Bolt Bunny, after he passed away a few weeks ago.  He was my second baby, the child we had when we decided we weren’t having another child.

Boyo composed a gorgeous haiku about Bolt for this week’s homework, bless him.


Fluffy and dashing

Hopping to great happiness

Black as night darkness


Isn’t that beautiful!  So proud of my little man.  He is really missing Bolt, bless him.

The other little chap in our family who is really missing Bolt is his little fluffy friend, Mr Bunsy.  They were introduced at 4.5 years old, two unrelated males, one of whom had not been desexed.  After that little matter was taken care of, and some intensive bunny training by yours truly – with the help of the garden hose on mist setting – we managed to introduce them so they were able to hang out in the same garden without taking chunks out of each other.  A short while later, they were so bonded that they didn’t want to go into separate hutches at night, and spent most of their days snuggled up to each other.  They moved in together, two little bachelor boys.  They really were the Odd Couple personified – Mr Bunsy was the messy Oscar, whilst Bolt was the fussy Felix.

For at least a week afterwards, poor old Mr Bunsy roamed the garden searching for his BFF, in a little circuit.  He was treated to extra grated carrots to tempt his waning appetite, and even more snuggles than usual.  Bless his little cotton socks.  He is much more responsive to me now, following me around when I’m in the garden, hanging out the washing.  He likes his morning snuggles on the Chillax Sofa with Boyo too.

We’ve a fun weekend planned, heading off for a staycation in Sydney!  We are going to be tourists in our own city.  Sydney Aquarium, Madame Tussaud’s, the Sydney Tower, and the evening fireworks in Darling Harbour, before spending the night in a suite at the Swissotel.  Boyo is particularly looking forward to the buffet breakfast – he is rather a fan.  I’ve got some birthday vouchers to spend in the city too.  The blokefolk do so love a spot of shopping.  Um, not!

I’ve got a very exciting Sunday – I’m catching up with Rachel from Redcliffe Style, who is visiting Sydney to attend the International Spa & Beauty Expo.  The blokefolk have given me a leave pass for the day, bless them.

Hope your weekend plans are full of friends and fun and fireworks too!



  • Lisa Mckenzie - 26 August 2013 - 11.52 am

    Poor little bunny it will take him a while to get used to being on his own,and the extra snuggles will help him,I hope you had a lovely weekend away.ReplyCancel

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