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Boyo’s homework this week included researching the name of a group of giraffes.  I suggested herd, which is correct, but there are also many other names they’re known by, such as corps.  Isn’t that lovely.  A corps of giraffes.  Reminds me of corps de ballet, as giraffes are naturally elegant and balletic, with their graceful movements.

As I chatted with Boyo and his mate at our regular Tuesday afternoon Homework Club, it occurred to me that I was in fact in the midst of a herd of giraffes.  Small boys who were suddenly not so small.  Or particularly graceful, come to think of it.

Boyo is now only about 20 cm shorter than me.  He is 9.  Bets on when he’ll overtake me?  His shoe size is about a size and a half smaller than mine – and I’ve got long feet!

He’s also been working on building up his speed and is absolutely loving the school gymnastics classes every Monday.  He sat down last night and did some meditation.  Not quite sure where that came from, but it was a very peaceful end to my his day.  I shall be encouraging further meditative contemplation.


In his own words

Boyo has just gotten taller.  Yes, you got it right.  I am taller.  Epic!  So I’ve gotten faster than one of my friends, which is cool.  When you think about it, when I do running with my friends in tips, I am in most of the time.  Now I have a secret weapon – my fast speed!


We have a very relaxing weekend planned after last week’s madly busy one.  The Welshman is valiantly fighting off a sore throat and blocked ears.  He is the only man I’ve ever met who doesn’t get man flu.  How lucky am I?!

Friday Frivolity will involve my usual movie and pizza date with Boyo, which will be gatecrashed by the Welshman this week (we don’t mind really).  I’m catching up with a girlfriend for coffee this morning, and had lovely lunch plans with the Gorgeous Girls, including a guest star appearance by one who has headed for the bright lights of Auckland.  Husbands and work promotions.  You know the drill.  She’s back for the weekend only, but has a four hour delay on her flight.  Not happy Jan.  Not happy at all.  I’m abandoning the Welshman on Father’s Day evening to hit the pub with the Gorgeous Girls.  I’ll call it Me Time and he can have a bath in peace.  Perfect!

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned too, whether it is busy, busy, busy or relaxing like ours.  Happy Father’s Day!


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