Friday Frivolity


We’re nearly at the end of our first week of the July school holidays and it’s been a blast!  Not so much Friday Frivolity as Week of Wonder!

The week has involved Wii tournaments, Minecraft, reading bug activity, Froyo, super special treat Happy Meals, bento lunches with mates, hot chocolate cafe dates, cartoons and pyjama days.   Oh, face pulling selfies may have made an appearance too.  Not to mention sunshine – it did feel like we would never see it ever again.

I also launched Kimba Likes Daily Treats.  Boyo has been very busy enjoying some of these daily treats too, bless his little cotton socks.  He’s good like that.



Boyo is too cool for school and One Direction are not on his radar – but he’s still a kid who can’t resist a photo opportunity.  For a brief moment, One Direction had a much needed style makeover.  Boyo Style!  Yup, even in the utopia of school holidays, groceries must be done.



Dessert for lunch?  Well, it is the school holidays after all.  97% fat free Froyo seems like a good option, yeah?  Healthy, low fat, filled with protein and acidophilus cultures.  Without the cookie dough, Maltesers and Cadbury Jelly Popping Candy chocolate toppings, it probably was!  I selected raspberries for mine – but before I get too smug, I have to admit that I also couldn’t resist the cookie dough.  Chocolate chip cookie dough.  Could you resist?!

Boyo is so in love with Wild Orange Premium Frozen Yoghurt in Darling Street, Balmain, that he turned down gelato and ice cream in favour of frozen yoghurt.  He even knows it’s yoghurt (horrid stuff that he won’t touch with a bargepole) and still loves his Froyo.  Impressive!  Props to you, Wild Orange!  Well played, well played indeed.  Run don’t walk, if you’re within striking distance.

Boyo has made some awesome videos using a cool new app on his birthday iPad Mini, Action Movie FX.  So Much Fun!

Check out some of his work!






I am loving school holidays and hanging out with my little dude.  Looking forward to another week – next week’s plans involved a playdate, a haircut, and shoe shopping.  I know. Excitement plus!



I’m not sure who is more excited about seeing Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians Live on Stage at the Sydney Opera House tomorrow.  We adore Horrible Histories and it is essential viewing and reading in our household.  Live on Stage?  At the Opera House?  We’re thrilled!  Family  lunch at Opera Bar afterwards.  Yeah baby!

Hope you have a lovely weekend too xx



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