Frocktober Day 31


Yes!  I did it!  32 dresses in 31 days for Frocktober!  I even wore a wedding dress, along with Rachel from Redcliffe Style, as dared by Catherine of Cup of Tea and a Blog – check out Catherine’s fabulous Frocktober 2012 wedding dress finale!

I’ve had a fabulous time frocking up every day, raising funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation – but I now declare it to be Trousday for the Foreseeable Future!

Click here to read all about Frocktober, the OCRF and Team Kimba Likes.  Affiliate commisions from Frocktober posts will be donated to the OCRF.  Ever needed a better reason to shop?

I thrifted my Frocktober Day 31 wedding dress from Vinnies for $10.  As wedding dresses in op shops are either tiny, extremely overpriced, or tiny and extremely overpriced, I lucked in big time when I found a simple satin strapless dress at a price that was right.  The only draw back was that it was size 22 and I’m, well, not.

I altered the dress by pleating the back panels, adding lace straps and gathering the skirt in sections, disguised by fabric roses tacked on.  Altering the waist was far and above my very dodgy seamstress skills, so I cinched the dress in with an Alannah Hill embellished cream leather bow belt with a ribbon tie.  I added a thrifted veil, also from Vinnies, and my favourite spring accessory, my white floral crown headband from Target.  Pretty cream Wittner sandals completed the outfit.



What I did in my wedding dress

  • Boyo and I walked to school in my wedding dress – one car was so busy rubbernecking at the crazy lady that they narrowly avoided crashing into another car!
  • I addressed the school at morning lines, explaining why I was wearing a wedding dress and that Boyo’s mother wasn’t actually a crazy lady!
  • I had a cup of coffee in my local cafe
  • I took a bus into the city
  • I attended a PR event for Target Belle Curve Collection, where I met the lovely Fiona Falkiner, as well as the 360 Immerse and Target Australia PR teams, and some lovely bloggers – who were rather surprised at my attire!
  • I took myself out for lunch at the extremely glamorous little Scottish restaurant aka Mickey Ds.  If you can’t eat a Big Mac in your wedding dress, when can you?
  • A spot of shopping in the glamorous surrounds of the QVB.
  • Embarrassed myself highly but spoke to many people about the fab cause that is OCRF.  I even collected donations!
  • I popped in to say hi to the team at Stevie English – who take Halloween dressing to the extreme!
  • I washed the dishes and tidied up the house.
  • I collected Boyo from after school care with the Welshman.
  • I made myself up as a Vampire Bride and trick or treated with Boyo, swapping halfway through with the Welshman.


Team Kimba Likes


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