Frocktober : Day 6



Day 6 of Frocktober is a disappointingly grey and gloomy day, particularly so after the glorious 30 degree days we’d previously experienced in sunny Sydney.

The family agenda for Saturday R&R all the way.  Sleep in, eat breakfast, go to see Madagascar at the movies, buy a fishing rod, have some lunch and go fishing.  Unfortunately, the drizzly day put paid to the fishing lark, but if you’re in the market for a basic fishing rod and kit for your small people, Big W sorted us out for $40.

Anything past 6.01 am is considered a sleep in this house, and Boyo made it to 6.30 am this morning.  Let’s see how we go with Daylight Savings tomorrow!  In years past, we used to adjust bed time a week or so out, but now that he can tell time, there is no point with this manoeuvre.  No point at all.  In fact, he tried suggesting he should in fact stay up even later.  Hmmmm …




The Welshman and I plan to snuggle up tonight with a glass  or three of something alcoholic and a movie.  It just feels like that sort of day, doesn’t it.  After Boyo has watched his Saturday night special Funniest Home Videos, that is.

Day 6’s frock is a striped maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins, purchased on my last UK trip in 2011.  I’ve teamed it with Dotti peach snakeskin flats,  Sussan brown leather belt, Sussan pink glass bead BCNA bracelets, aqua wooden beads rescued from Boyo’s dressup box, and this amazing cape by Helix by Lisa Stack, which I acquired at the Red Cross Rozelle Clothes Exchange Event.



Click here to buy Sussan BCNA fundraising goodies




So, I’m 6 dresses down, 25 to go for Frocktober on Day 6 of rocking my frock and raising money for the  Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

You can check out my Everyday Hero Kimba Likes fundraising page, which is tracking my efforts to reach my fundraising goal of $500.  Thank you so much to the gorgeous and generous souls who have made a contribution.  Love your work!

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