Frocktober Day 7 | Maxi Dress Week

What a funny old day  Frocktober Day 7 was.  I somehow managed a sleep in.  It seems very odd but there is something deeply unsatisfying about a surprise sleep in, don’t you think?  It’s like you didn’t know you were having a sleep in so you can’t fully enjoy it.  What a spoilt brat, honestly!

The Welshman woke me with a cup of tea and the news that the (bunny safe) rat baits in the garden had claimed a victim.  One who was not actually yet fully deceased so he was unable to dispose of it before he left to attend a two day conference in Melbourne.

After much prevaricating, I put my Big Girl Knickers on, armed myself with a Body Bag (aka Coles bag) and a dust pan (to be interred with the rodent), only to discover that the nearly deceased rodent was not merely twitching but actually scurrying.  Towards me.  Well, it might have actually been away from me.  Either way, I dropped my implements and ran screaming inside.  Like a Big Girl.

Boyo and I pottered around for the rest of the morning, then headed off for another kids’ movie and dumplings for lunch.  Love a Mama Boyo date!  We saw Turbo, the story of a little snail with a big dream.  It was a little slow.  Boom tish!

Upon our return, I was extremely freaked out to discover that my rodent nemesis was no longer where I’d left him.  Backing away slowly, I discovered his poor little remains in the garden.  I felt quite sorry for him.  He was only  doing what a Rattus Rattus does.  But I’m higher up the food chain than him, so I won.  The deed was done.  Like an Eygptian pharoah, or perhaps a Viking chief, he was buried with household items for his use in the afterlife.  I do hope he appreciates that dustpan.

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Maxi Week Dress, and the first week of Frocktober, has now come to a conclusion, so I think it only right that a girl has a little twirl to celebrate.  I adore this lovely Country Road printed frock, with an unusually cut skirt.  It is shorter on the sides than in the front and back in a circular fashion.  I’m wearing it over a Metalicus slip and adorable almond Wittner sandals.  I’ve had them repaired twice, and they are literally on their last legs, but they are pretty, comfortable, uber girly and I so wish they would bring this design back.

As I care deeply for the plight of sequins who have lost their way in life, I also sported a fetching Alannah Hill embellished hairbow in support of Faux Fuchsia’s #Sequinsarekey campaign.  My lovely birthday present from The Mother made a guest star appearance too – my Mimco Sportivo Timepeace (see what they did there?) in Sapphire.  Man style, chunky without being bulky, and a design classic.  Love it!


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  • Rust Scarf Print Maxi Dress by Dorothy Perkins | GBP26 reduced to GBP12 (approx $20.50) | click here to purchase | affiliate link | use DPDEL50 for free international delivery for purchases GBP50 and over
  • Bow with Gold Cuffs hairbow by Colette Hayman | $5.95 | click here to purchase
  • Sportivo Timepeace in Rose Gold by Mimco | $249 | click here to purchase
  • Metalicus Tank Dress in Sugar Coral from Birdsnest | $69.95 | click here to purchase
  • Breeze Coral Snake sandals by Therapy Shoes from Style Tread | $50 | click here to purchase | affiliate link

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