Going the Big Chop


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I’m booked in for a haircut on Friday at Stevie English Hair Salon in Glebe.  I’m looking forward to the massage chairs and the chai latte, and having gorgeous hair for my birthday lunch with the Welshman at Chiswick.  This is my second attempt to eat at a Matt Moran restaurant since we had to cancel our 10th wedding anniversary dinner at Aria when I first got sick at the beginning of winter.  I’m sick again, on three weeks’ worth of antibiotics, but determined to make this lunch date.  I’d love to know exactly how I pissed off the minor god in charge of celebration dinners!

I’m thinking about going the chop and getting a short haircut after years of growing it out.

Very coincidentally, I enter the last year of my 30s on Thursday.  Please, I implore you, do not utter those terrible words “mid life crisis”.  It’s a haircut, not a tattoo people!  I’m saving the full midlife crisis for the Big Four Oh My Gods!


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In the not too distant past, if I wanted some hairspiration, I would have looked at magazines, or Googled a couple of search terms, trying to find some images.

Now, of course, I do what every smart girl does and heads straight to Hair Romance.  The beauteous Christina recommended Stevie English Hair Salon to me, bless her little cotton socks.  She’s a darling girl, and has really good hair – always ask someone with really good hair for their recommendation.  By the by, never get your eyebrows done by someone with thin commas where their eyebrows used to be.  Or purchase makeup from someone who looks like an Oompa Loompa.  It is not going to end well.  Trust me.


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Hair Romance is packed full of information, interviews, gorgeous imagery – many featuring Christina herself – tips, tricks, tutorials and her fabulous 30 Day of Twist & Pin e-book.  It’s the go to hairopedia for girls who love hair, and an absolute must for girls who don’t love their hair.  Yet.  Christina will teach you how to love your hair!

I’ve found a couple of fab images from this Hair Romance post – Long Hair vs Short Hair – to give me some hairspiration for getting a short haircut.  Just to be clear, that’s hair inspiration, not hair perspiration!  Ewwww.



Don’t love this do.  It’s an obvious choice for me, as I have a similarly deep side part with natural curls, but it’s just boring.  I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but this is a do for my groovy granny stage, when I’m aiming for chic and sleek and sophisticated.



Love Christina Ricci’s short, sleek and sassy bob.  This would work well with me as my curl starts about ear length, and with my cowlicks and inability to have a fringe, the shorter side sweep is just the thing.  She is as cute as a button.



The edginess of ScarJo’s bob works for me on first glance, but I think it would get annoying after a while.  I have double cowlicks and almost a widow’s peak (worst hairline combination ever) and do not think I could be bothered wrestling with my hair every single morning.  That is most definitely not a great outcome of getting a short haircut.



No, no, no.  In a word, no.  Absolutely not.  Too 90s, too moussed and I do not want to be channelling Demi Moore.  Looks bloody good on Keira Knightley though!



I quite like this.  But it’s a bit meh.  A bit too razored and polished.  Lots of GHD work required for this one.  Her softer, yet still bold, brows in the shorter hair photo are much more flattering though.  My current hairstyle is a considerably less polished shoulder length version of the long do.  The side part height is a great way of dealing with a massive cowlick.


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I’ve been toying with the idea of this hairstyle.  I had it at the time – as did half the girls I knew – but it’s very of its time, and I’m not sure I’ve got the bone structure to pull this one off now.  Well, the bone structure is still there, it’s just not as visible anymore!



Here are a few pictures of how my hair looks now.  I have to admit, these are all good hair days because I’m vain like that.  I don’t keep bad photos!  It’s a fairly classic curly bob.  It’s a great haircut but I’m just a bit bored, which is why I’m debating getting a short haircut.    The good thing about hair is that it grows back!


I’d love to hear about your tales of hair dos or hair don’ts!  I’d also adore any suggestions or feedback.  Please help choose my new barnet!  If you think that I shouldn’t be getting a short haircut, I’d love to hear that too!



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