Go and see your doctor

A personal note from me today.  My message to anyone who tells me about some symptoms is go and see your doctor.  Go and talk to a professional.  Get a check up.

I’d far rather my doctor told me I was a hypochondriac rather than say to me “I wish you’d come to see me earlier”.  Like I heard recently!

If something was wrong with your car, you wouldn’t hesitate to go and get it checked.  You’d be worried about it breaking down somewhere and leaving you in a dangerous position.

Yet we don’t always think the same thing about our own health. Ask yourself honestly.  Do you always put yourself first?  Seriously?


Kimba Likes Daily Treats is a teensy tiny project I set up a couple of years ago.  It’s to remind us to stop and take a moment of Me Time every day.  As little as a cup of tea drunk whilst it is still hot.  As fancypants as new sparkly pair of impractical heels!

With that in mind, I’m asking you to expand on that concept a little bit.  I’m going to ask you to read this post, have a think about your health, and go and see your doctor.

I’ve just been diagnosed with endometriosis and my polycystic ovary syndrome has kicked into overdrive again.  Throw in enlarged ovaries, a massive ovarian cyst and some other technical terms I had to Google and then wished I hadn’t, and I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I’ve had ongoing symptoms for a while.  The excruciatingly heavy periods that have me trapped in the house for a few days.  Weight gain and abdominal bloating.  Loss of appetite and frequent weeing.  Pimples and hair growth.  Pain, cramps and loo changes.  Lethargy and mood changes, including my old foe, anxiety.

Many of these symptoms can be assigned to other illnesses that affect my daily life.  Like the bloating and loo issues? Must be my food allergy.  Back and joint pain? Ongoing lower back pain or perhaps my autoimmune disease joint pain.  More frequent urination? I get chronic oedema. Heavier periods? Well, I’m in my 40s.  Maybe I’m experiencing perimenopause?

Do you track your cycles? I use an app on my phone to help remind me of when Hell Week is due, or when TCM Week follows.  That’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, by the way.  ’nuff said.  I started noting the other changes on my cycles app.  Like the additional pain, the bloating, loo changes etc.

Kimba Likes talking about health. Go and see your doctor!

One or two of these symptoms could be easily attributed to something else.  But when I sat down and looked through my phone app notes, I realised that each and every symptom together made a pattern.  What else did it mean? I should go and see my doctor.  Stat.

I made an appointment, got a referral for a nasty Lady Scan, and procrastifluffed for a few weeks.  OK, six weeks.  Then I made the appointment, went through with the appointment, cried in pain from the appointment, and then got over myself.  There is no way I could go on living a life when I am unable to leave the house for a week or so every month.  That way leads madness.  I’d be fired if I had a job outside of the home, I reckon.

The only way to get it fixed? Deal with it.  After my results came back, with the main diagnosis of deep infiltrating endometriosis, I received a referral letter from my GP and have made an appointment with a specialist gynaecologist, one specifically experienced with endometriosis.

I am not quite sure of what’s ahead for me.  I’m looking forward to meeting with the gynaecologist and making an action plan.  I’m pretty sure there’s surgery in my near future.  OK, yes.  There is almost definitely going to be surgery.  A laparoscopy at the minimum.

My birthday is five days after my appointment, although they’ve put me on the cancellation list.  The fact they haven’t put me on the emergency list is giving me some succour!

So, I want you to sit down and have a little think.  Have you had any changes in your health recently? Do they occur cyclically?  Have you just been putting it down to having a bad period, or perhaps just getting older?  Regular upset tummy that you makes you think maybe you just ate something a wee bit off?  Persistent sore back, but you can’t remember pulling a muscle?

I don’t want to scare you … because I freaked myself out enough already.  I remember from when I was trying to get pregnant how frustratingly similar early pregnancy symptoms are to PMS symptoms.

The symptoms of endometriosis are alarmingly similar to late stage ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer for a reason.  By the time you get symptoms, it’s often too late.  So many of the symptoms of ovarian cancer seem like something else.  A little back pain, a bit of pain when doing a poo, a bloated tummy, feeling a little bit more tired than usual.

So, please, if you feel something is Not Quite Right, go and see your doctor.  Put yourself first.

Because this was a little bit bossy, not to mention waaaaaay TMI, I’m going to cheer you up with some cutesy baby pictures of my Boyo.  Such a little monkey!

Kimba Likes talking about health. Got issues? Go and see your doctor!

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